Wild growing succulent - Fairy Crassula

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Crassula multicava succulent flower 1.jpg

During one of my trips to Quinta da Regaleira I saw those tiny little flowers growing somewhere in the side. Almost hidden among larger bushes and tall trees around. Some dappled sun was shining on them and with the dark greenery around they look almost as they were shining.

I didn't know what plant it was, though the flowers did scream succulent to me. After some googling I got the name!

Crassula multicava

Crassula multicava succulent flower 3.jpg

Also called fairy crassula, or pitted crassula.
It is native to South Africa, though it can be found in most of the Europe (warmer parts), North and South America as well. It can withstand light frosts if kept dry, but as any succulent it will enjoy warmer temperatures and light watering.

The leaves are small with oval shape. That made me think of Sedum at first. They also grow more in that manner.
The stems are flexible and it can branch easily. With time it will create a nice green ground cover. Growing it in a pot should be super easy too as it is not a very big plant and easy to propagate - just snap a piece of stem and stick in a dry soil.

Crassula multicava succulent flower 2.jpg

Flower stems grow from the top of the stem from between the leaves. Blooming time starts in late winter and can last until summer. I found those in May and I could see many spent blooms already, but also still some buds ready to open. Succulent flowers usually do not last too long.

Crassula multicava succulent flower 4.jpg

That is not the leaves on the photo below. It is another plant. You can see some of the Crassula foliage above right where the flower stems start.

Crassula multicava succulent flower 5.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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