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I tried to find a name for those, but neither google, nor a site where I find most local plants had could help me. So they stay nameless, unless some of you know what they are.Nie mogłam się doszukać nazwy tych kwiatów. Ani Google, ani strona, na której zazwyczaj znajduję miejscowe chwasty nic mi nie pomogły. Tak więc pozostaną bezimienne, chyba że ktoś z Was je zna.
I found them blooming in May. Flowers create those little pom poms and each cluster is maybe 1,5-2 cm across. You can imagine how small each little bloom is. The whole plant tends to crawl a bit covering areas around. I saw them growing from a small cracks on the side of the road but also hanging down from stone walls.Kwitną w okolicy maja. Kwiaty tworzą urocze pompony, a każdy z nich ma średnicę może 1,5-2 cm. Wyobraźcie sobie jak malutkie są pojedyncze kwiatki. Cała roślina rozrasta się na boki pokrywając większy obszar. Widziałam je wyrastające ze szczelin przy drogach ale też zwisające z kamiennych murów.

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With or without a name, they are so photogenic! With the baby pink flowers, dark red stems and leaves with some dark red as well... the colours are just great!Z nazwą czy też bez i tak są bardzo fotogeniczne. Różowiusie kwiatki, czerwone łodyżki i ciemne liście z bordowymi plamami… genialna kolorystyka!

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Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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The flowers look a bit like something we call Thrift (Armeria maritima) here in the US, except the leaves aren't quite the same. Thrift commonly hangs from stone walls here, too, and is often planted there for landscaping purposes. Perhaps the Flower Lady @dswigle can help with identification of this one!

I see Nina @ninahaskin took care of it! Yay!

Apologies! @dswigle
I got excited and had to look up these gorgeous pink gems! @dswigle 🌸🍃🌸

Don't be silly. Lol Glad you covered for me!! ❤

Thanks girls @thekittygirl @dswigle @ninahaskin! It was easier than I thought :p

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Here is the Wikipedia link

It's true, the colors are great, and the background of the photograph makes them look more striking

I agree :)
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I did an image search using your lovely pink beauties @ewkaw and they appear to be Persicaria.
"Persicaria is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants in the knotweed family, Polygonaceae. Plants of the genus are known commonly as knotweeds or smartweeds. It has a cosmopolitan distribution, with species occurring nearly worldwide. The genus was segregated from Polygonum." (Wikipedia)

I tried the image search too and I was getting all kinds of Lantanas and Verbenas :)
Thanks a lot :)

You're very welcome! @ewkaw
Credit to your additional description of the leaves and stems that helped me locate the name of this beauty🌸

I'm knot sure why they call them this, but those are some smart weeds! 😁

All weeds are smart! And nothing can stop them :)

nie ma za co 😛

No przecież!
Jakieś zaćmienie umysłu chyba mnie naszło :p

I have never seen this flower before, it's interesting and the shape of the flower is dynamic as well. In your pictures, details are visible which I love a lot.
Great photography...

Thanks a lot :)

That's the one!
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صورة التصوير الماكرو مثالية جدا👍

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Small but very cute flowers!