Pomegranates in the making.

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pomegranate flowers 5.jpg

Gotta say that Poegranates have one of the most unique flowers I have seen (google doesn't count). Before the flower opens it look like red ball and one could think it is already some fruit. But nope. The little ball will crack and then the read, red flowers will open. Beautiful like a poppy!

pomegranate flowers 4.jpg

The shell is pretty thick and looks like a star. After the petals fall and the fruits starts to form it will become the little butt of a delicious fruit.

pomegranate flowers 9.jpg

And now get ready for a little photo spam. They are so pretty I couldnt stop shooting.

pomegranate flowers 1.jpg

Some branches seemed to be a bit dead. Not many leaves and all covered in lichens. Yet some flowers still appeared.

pomegranate flowers 2.jpg

pomegranate flowers 3.jpg

pomegranate flowers 6.jpg

pomegranate flowers 7.jpg

pomegranate flowers 8.jpg

A hairy companion that was following me everywhere! I was shooting and she was digging in the leaves around. She was pretending not to pay attention to me, but as soon I started to walk, she would walk 1 metre behind me.
Dog personality :)

pig farm 1.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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My girlfriend has a pomegranate tree.
But this year he was attacked by aphids and a scale insect :-(
It's a pity, there is not enough grenade left on the tree ...

Such a shame. This one has so many fruits this year. I just hope we don't miss them and manage to pick some.
Some years there is almost nothing.

Yes, you need to spray the tree for prevention.
Someday I'll post a photo of grenade my girlfriend, with aphids.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 22 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Hahaha, bonus. 😎 Great! Thanks for sharing. 😃

Bonus was very friendly :)

Beautiful photographs, the color of the flower is great, even the one with the fruit, beautiful color orange
Happy week and take care

Thank you! The colour on them is amazing I would grow them even just for decoration :)

Very nice flowers! I haven’t noticed them before as I usually see only the fruits!! That dog companion reminded me of a pig looking for truffles! LoL

Maybe it's because it is a pig :D :D

That’s it! He’s in a disguise!! Very neat disguise!!



A ja troszke z innej beczki. Jakie community pod fotografie jest dobre?

Sorki że dopiero teraz. To zależy jaką fotografie. Najelepiej jest dopasować do tematyki, czyli owady do owadów, czarno-biala do nas itp.
A ogólne do fotografii to np Photography Lovers, albo PHOTOGRAPHY [DAC].

At first sight I thought they are something else. And then strikes the pomegranate and the title of post confirmed. Beautiful photographs and some have the green algae too. 😁

I had no idea how pomegranates bloom until just a few years ago. So different than other fruit threes!

I hate cutting them and shedding the tiny fruits. But eat hand full of ready to eat pomo😁

I pick them all to a plate and eat spoonfuls :D