One, lonely Grape Hyacinth.

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You'd think that if you walk around the same paths in the same time of the year, nothing will surprise you. You know what plants grow where and when is the best time to catch them blooming.

Until you spot something completely new!

Leopoldia comosa

Leopoldia comosa grape hyacinth purple 5.jpg

Also called Muscari comosum or tassel grape hyacinth. Native to Mediterranean region and considered a weed (another very pretty one).

I found only one like that in bloom among green grasses. The colour just popped, but as I tried to find more - there was none.

It is a perennial flower that grows from a bulb. The bulb is supposed to be a delicacy, which I didn't know when I saw it. And even if I did, I would have just left it there and let it grow.

The blooming time is now and maybe for one more month. Then the flowers and the leaves will dry up and for the hot summer months the whole plant will go dormant. The bulbs will stay hidden from the head deep in the ground and will sprout again in in spring.

Leopoldia comosa grape hyacinth purple 6.jpg

The interesting part, besides the cool colour and shape are the flowers. There are tow types on a single stem. The top ones in bright colour that are sterile (I suspect they are just to draw attention and attract pollinators), and the bottom ones, which are greenish. Those are fertile and those will be pollinated.

Leopoldia comosa grape hyacinth purple 2.jpg

Leopoldia comosa grape hyacinth purple 3.jpg

Leopoldia comosa grape hyacinth purple 1.jpg

Leopoldia comosa grape hyacinth purple 4.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

separator flowers.jpg


the lower part of the flower does look very simular to the Muscari botryoides not the lenght of the flower but the way the flowers are spread, can't find the right picture to show it :(

I know which ones you mean :)
They are closely related.

Super pictures!
I also photographed such flowers :-)))

Awesome! Do you have a lot of them there? I only saw this one.

We have more than one :-) but cannot say that there are many

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 52 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Some of your posts inspired me for a nature post and I have to say I'd never say a weed plant can be pretty. I went for a walk and took more attention on the environment around me.
I've never seen this purple one yet, but Muscari comosum looks pretty unique, like some creature from the ocean 😁

Most of the "weeds" have very pretty flowers and they are weeds just cause they are not grown on purpose ;)
Wildflowers is probably a better way to call them.
Go hunt some :)

Wildflowers is surely way more cute term for weeds.
I'm familiar with the other weed, but that's not the topic. 😅

Haha and those hardly grow wild :D

Haha! Sadly... they don't. It would be madness

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My genetics professor is a unique photographer, he took seven pictures and blended it into one to show all the needed floral part of a flour

Yea, it is called focus stacking :)
Nice! :D


Flower I meant

Its so colorful. 😍 that sigma lens is so good. Great shot sire.

It is an awesome lens! Thanks :)

Very beautiful pics! I wanna have macro lens one day!! Hahaha.

Thank you! You should get one :)

Yep! One day! 😂😂😻😻