Amazing Nature Contest - January 2021 - #3 / Nature a Heavenly blessing

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Hello dear friends!

I've always said that I have a heavenly blessing at home. This is because there is not a day in which I look out the window, whatever time it is and that I do not find myself with relaxing, refreshing and motivating images like these. They are definitely a heavenly blessing. Mother Nature always rewards us with the best of the best.

This is my entry for the Amazing Nature Contest - January 2021 - #3



Beautiful cloud formations that captivate the spirit just by seeing them




For this and much more, Nature in all its contexts is Amazing !!


All images are my own, taken with a Doogee X5 cell phone


I can see that the sky is very bright, a sweet catch, friend :)

Thanks for your kind comment! :)

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What nice photos, they seem edited by the different colors that are reflected.

Beautiful. Amazing nature that surrounds us. 👍 @esthersanchez

Gracias por tu apreciado comentario @soyunasantacruz!!
Un abrazo!