Amazing Nature Contest - February 2021 - #01// Chile

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Hello dear friends!

Although I am not a professional photographer, I do consider myself a nature lover. I love the green of the trees, the color of the flowers, the smell of rain and wet earth. Now with the quarantine protection, I have not had many opportunities to go out and take as many photographs as I wanted, however here I bring you some that I took some time ago.
I hope you enjoy it my entry to the Amazing Nature Contest !





Being in contact with nature allows you to see and feel life in a different way. Feeling that you can be, living without this means requiring many material things to do it and that you can still be in peace, it is priceless.


Very cold but beautiful and relaxing



Sin título.png


The photos are wonderful! I think it's a talent to catch the beauty in nature and things. Our nature is so untouched and diverse that one can enjoy it endlessly. Good luck and inspiration to you!

Thank you @zelensky! I really appreciate your comment!
Although it seems illogical, despite the unconsciousness of many, Mother Nature is always ready to give us the best.
Bless you!

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Thank you very much!

You're welcome @esthersanchez, thanks for your daily involvement 😊🌹