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RE: Amazing Nature Contest: Thematic Challenge -#2/1/21 - CLOSED

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Thanks for the link. Really interesting.
Welcome to the competition :-)


and thank you for your efforts in making this competition happen

It is my pleasure to "work" for ANC :-)


i am new here and was wondering can you explain what an upvote means, i just got a 5% upvote and have no idea what it is. also i have just achieved 100% vote power. i presume that means i can vote for other peoples posts but i do not know how to do it. please help

Upvote on Hive is the same as LIKE on Facebook.
However, on Hive, this means that you have received a certain number of HIVE coins for your article or comment. Seven days after the publication (expiration ") of the article (comments), these coins will be added to your wallet.
The incoming percentages show how much of the voter credited to your reward.
Voting for other articles is easy. Take a look at the pictures:

Snímek z 20210115 213357.png

Snímek z 20210115 213459.png

Snímek z 20210115 213312.png

ok got it. i just gave my first vote

Congratulations :-)