Camping Overnight On A Mountain Top

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Last weekend, I had a wonderful overnight camping trip on a mountain top about 30km from the center of Da Nang city. This is really a great place to camp with fresh air, tranquil atmosphere, pine forest, clouds overhead, beautiful scenery. And especially, from here, we can see the panorama of Da Nang city and Lang Co beach, making this a wonderful sunrise and sunset viewing spot. We were really into nature and had a relaxing time together before starting a new working week.

Have a nice day ❤️

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Yay! 🤗
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What a stunning experience! I love camping but the mountaintop views from a tent are indescribable. I'm sure it was special @dodovietnam

Tks a lot, yeah we had a wonderful time together there. Have a nice day!

Wow! So good and nice, ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you very much!

Oh this is amazing 👌🏼

Thank you very much. Have a nice day!

Đô Dô làm video xuất sắc 😍

Cảm ơn baby chủ tịt!

Có phải cắm chỗ lô cốt ko anh?

Đúng rồi á e! Rủ mà e k chịu đi.

Hahaa...chỗ này đi bộ 30phut dữ thế, 15p là tới rồi :))
Híc, hôm chủ nhật băng rừng sơn trà rồi, hẹn dịp khác nè :))

Với một nhóm khiêng nhiều đồ và con nít thì 30 phút e ạ

Hihiii em biết mà :)) Đùa á 😅😃😂

OOii excellent wa! Thế này Hive Vietnam lên top nhờ @dodovietnam oy @trangbaby ha 🤩

Thôi nha Hồng! 😁

Thiệt mà^^ a tích cực up video & photos trên hive Vietnam nha nha, chúng e like nhiệt tình 😆

Ảnh em đẹp mà em cũng tích cực đăng nha, tụi a sẽ like và comment mỏi tay.

Looks like you had an incredible time, great post 😎👍

Yeah we had a really good time. Have a nice day!

Great to see so much content engagement.
I love to see comments :-D


Yeah and now you can see one more comment from me.

That looks amazing! 😍

Thank you very much!

Great to see another camper. Nice trip you had up there but. I'm not far from you... In Thailand so mountians and landscape is very similar

Great. I want to see your camping trips.

Have a few old posts on my feed showing some of the mountains and trips ive ben on 👍

Good video

Tks a lot!