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Great post Melinda!! Seeing Bald Eagles is always exciting for me and I don't think that novelty will ever wear off! I think opossums are cute but I'd rather see them in photos than in my There is a chinchilla rabbit but the chinchilla refers to the color which can be anywhere from light gray to blue gray (I think) but again it is only referring to color and not breed. To me that rabbit looks like some kind of domestic rabbit that is living in the wild. I could be wrong. My daughter was working but checked in to say "It honestly looks like a really fat domestic rabbit (I'm thinking something dwarf breed mixed with some mid size breed). I'm not 100% sure what other wild species may be out there, but does not look like any wild species I know off the top of my head."
I thought it was easier just to quote her. Those are some short ears on that bunny for sure! I found a New Zealand white bunny in the wild once. Caught it with help and found it a home. I was afraid it would try to bite me but luckily it didn't. I guess it used to be someone's pet. 🐇🙂


Years ago a renter in the neighborhood turned loose his kids rabbits before they moved. I always assumed that they could not have pets at their new rental. I saw them around for a few weeks but then never saw them again and I'm assuming the predators here in the woods found them easy pickings. I wonder if some of the genetics got mixed in with the wild rabbits. Thanks for asking your daughter if it is a specific breed.

Awe, that is sad. There are shelters that would probably have taken them. Course I know here there are but some places in rural areas may not have them. The hawks in our neighborhood can be bad at times. Once she had three young bunnies outside in a tote fixing a cage for them and within no time I heard a hawk screeching and knew why. She thought she had them outta sight but those birds have keen sight. She was always extra careful after that and luckily the bunnies didn't get hurt. A friend of hers still has one of those bunnies and he loves that bunny so much. It was a nice bunny and it made me happy that she got such a loving home. 💕

Shelters here would have taken them. The guy was newly divorced and I suppose he got them for his kids.. No one knew that they had them until a week after he moved out and we started seeing tame rabbits in our yards.