Bonsai Trees Embracing Winter [Snow Photos]

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In this set of photos, I am displaying mostly my winter hardy bonsai trees in the days after an ice storm.

Most of my tiny potted trees on this day were away in their special hiding spot, where they have been all Winter. Under the eaves of the house with a thick layer of protected mulch buried over them, they stay protected from the cold wind and icy rain. Others I had unearthed a bit early, knowing they are already showing their first signs of change, such as the pussywillows forming catkins.

Above, the forsythia is encased in a pad of snow, and the buds are all tightly locked up under a shell of ice.

Behind it, the flowers are somehow surviving, able to soak up some sunlight, while also benefitting from the snowmelt.


The pussywillow bonsai has a mighty crown of frozen antlers.


The formerly flexible branches have now been cold hardened.


The redwood tips rise up inside the icy candles, with a radiant umber of its own.


It stands as an ice statue, a proud sculpture at home in this strange environment phenomenon.


The other pussywillow bonsai is a bit more covered in pads of snow layered over the ice. Almost more ice than tree is visible.


Crystals of snow top magical globes of translucent water medallions top the furry catkins.


An inner warmth dries the bottom bristles of nature's paintbrushes, and as the frozen sky water evaporates to return to the sun's light, the grime is wiped clean away.


The tree slowly returns to life, one hair at a time, awaking from the frozen egg.


Above, the Osoberry is Oh So Cold on this day. A stick with green leaf popsicles morsels curled up tight.


Some other shrubs in the garden also had some winter love.


Bonus Birds

I know these photos below are a bit blurry. I still need some practice photographing birds on a digital camera. Low light on moving objects far away are especially hard to focus in on. Move any closer and you spook the birds away.

Yet, the simplicity of these poses on the snowy landscape can still be a breathtaking moment to take in for its simplicity of composition.


The bones of the blueberry offers a playful setting for the birds. Here the smaller birds scavenge the bits of seed and suet that fall from the feeder up above.


All it takes is a few pecks to rain down a tasty snack for the feathered friends below.




Below is an filtered artistic rendition.


Photos in this post are all #originalworks by @creativetruth, unless stated otherwise.

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