Meet Bluey, one of our very friendly garden dwellers

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This is Bluey, an Australian Blue Tongued Lizard who lives underneath the fridge in my brothers backyard bar.

He's a friendly little fellow and will eat of of your hand, aswell as relaxing enough to have a little cuddle.

He's the smaller neighbour, but the bigger one hasn't come in for dinner for a few days. When he does, I'll be sure to post a couple of photos up here so you can see just how gorgeous he is too.

And check out his gorgeous blue tongue as he licks his lips after being hand fed some mince by my brother.







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Attractive reptile, what a big blue tongue definitely tells where the name comes from.

Friendly enjoying being hand fed, nice to see lizard from your region @chocolatescorpi

@tipu curate

Yes they are gorgeous. Marking on this guy are very similar to Monitor lizards which used to live in my old home in the Daintree Rainforest.
Difference is that Monitors are HUGE with very SHARP claws....

We have monitors, lizards along with geckos, none are friendly enough to become tame like this that I know of.

Well I think anything can become friendly enough if they know food is there for them and has been for a while...

Yup that cupboard loves is strong with most 😃

Just like a man really- what was that old saying? Something to do with love, food and stomach...🤣

Oh yes, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach....🤣

😅😂 Very true!

I wonder where the name came from.

@galenkp has a story about a blue-tongue lizard.

Lol...Oh yeah, the famous GT-striped blue tongue. Not my finest moment.

Oooooh now I'm intrigued....

Lol...I wrote a post about the incident my brother refers to...Like I said, not my finest moment, nor my most environmentally-sound one...But I was eight or nine at the time and logical thought wasn't my strongest suit.

Fair call. No need to say anymore.

The colour of his blue tongue is so close to the blue of @sketch.and.jam Blue Tarantula spider too!

How cool is that! 😃

Those blue tongued skinks are expensive pets over here :-) He would eat my blue tarantula in a snap

Well that would give him good reason to have a blue tongue then...Lol...

I can't believe that they are expensive pets over there- Over here we let them go free range- as they should...

Same with Bearded Dragons, the most popular lizard pet here, but I'm sure a common sight over there.

I've never really seen any free ranging, but according to this Aussie bush wildlife site, they're here (just hiding from me cause they know I'd keep them and never let them go..😄..)

I had a similar type of lizard when I was in Arizona but they are much smaller than the beardies. You could tame them though and they would come eat out of your hand if you brought them meal worms. The best thing was their variety of color on their throats.

Saved a tiny lizzard from drowning in the pool yesterday, then he sat on my hand, then ran up my arm and chilled in my wet hair for about 30mins yesterday!

I tried to put him on the ground but he just didn't want to get off and was happy to cruise around in the pool with me!

So special when things like that happen- even if they are so tiny! 😍

Wow look at the amazing blue colour on the tummy of the male spiny! Gorgeous!

That is one pretty lizzard!

he looks like a precious lil fellow 😄 his blue tongue is quite fascinating too 😃 thank you for sharing!

So glad that you enjoyed meeting Bluey!

And thansk so much for the curation, really appreciate it! 😃

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