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RE: Amazing Nature Contest - March 2020 - #03 - CLOSED

a2xhmx.png to all !


I sooo much love your drawings @barbara-orenya ^^ .. I am so glad that you drew the banner for me ;)

I'm glad you like the banner @adalger ! ^_^ I see you use it a big amount of time in one post, people gonna hate seeing it in short time 😃

I should have tell you first time, so it's my bad but, could you add this line under it, so as the source always be clearly mentioned ? 😊
This will avoid anyone to get problem when using the banner , I have seen people of the community using the banner, which is just fine and precisely the aim of support it was created for, just it should always come with the source, and this phrase makes it so to speak my permission to use... 😉

and likewise, I will be called on the post by the mention...😊

banner created by @barbara-orenya