Aggressive Lizard and Curious Dachshund

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Last Sunday, when I was picking morels, there was a lot of interesting things, so there will be enough for another week)
The beginning of my walk began with the fact that I caught a green lizard ...


And my dachshund, immediately became interested in it)


The lizard was very aggressive,


and did not want to sit still, for a photo ...


After taking a couple of photos, I let it go to the ground, but my dachshund Aya started chasing her and the lizard found shelter, on my jeans)


Aya's nose made the lizard move up,


This creature climbed higher,


and I took a couple more shots)


Then I transplanted the lizard into a bush,


so that my dog ​​can no longer hunt it!


Finally, Aya calmed down, and we continued on our way further ...


And the lizard found freedom and peace)


And under a huge tree we found an old trunk-suitcase, surrounded by beer bottles, in the box my dachshund and I hope you will carefully fold your upvotes!)


Well, that's all for today, thanks for visiting my post, I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to your support!)
Take care of yourself and your loved ones and see you soon!



What a beautiful colour! I don't think I have ever seen them this green.

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We also have lizards, mostly gray, one in 10 is green! Therefore, I caught the green one) Next time I will catch all kinds, for comparison ...

Please do :) But this is just so pretty!

Thanks! I will definitely do it next time)!

Very cool catch!

Thank you, I will try to catch all the varieties next time, for comparison! In my childhood, there were thousands of them, then they almost disappeared, and in the last couple of years, they began to multiply again ...
I hope they will continue this way!

Wow I love the color on that skink. Around here it is too cold for lizards of any kind, at best we have newts in some of the rivers.


Very cute lizard! Beautiful photos! 😎

Thanks a lot!

What a story, very nice close ups :) The lizard looks so cool, I love reptiles :)

Thanks a lot, going to expand on lizards soon)

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Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! We hope to see you here again! It would have been interesting to identify it!

Thank you very much for your support! I will definitely continue this story!)

Cooolllll glizer