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RE: Amazing Nature Contest - September 2020 - #04

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Hallo everyone !

Today is the first time that I actually post the contest from the @hive127788 account instead of my own one ^^ .. As you have been reading in my last community announcement post there will be quite a lot of changes now, hehe .. I will still host the contest as usual, so do not worry about it, only the main account has changed. But this changes will be for the benefit of the whole community. Everything will not be run by a single person anymore which in our opinion is a necessary step to evolve forward as a team and community of nature-lovers ;)

From now on there will be also weekly curation posts from the @hive-127788 community account too, also it still may take some time until everything works as it is still very fresh and has to be discussed and developed .. so please be patient with us ^^ .. This post here is my first tryout post to see if the new ideas are working as planned ^^

The new Moderator team of AN will be @adalger, @bucipuci, @juanbg, @nelinoeva and @redheadei, everyone taking on another task using the AN account. As mentioned I will still focus on the contest. If you are interested in the changes and missed out the post, here it is: Community Announcement Post .. I am glad that you all left only positive and constuctive critics there ;) .. There will be active AN curation including some tipping in form of Hive tokens, DNA-curation, as well as OCD-forwarded curation. There is also the contest here and depending on how everything evolves, even more specialized thematic or contrast based contest/challenges and more ^^

OK, this announced, please enjoy the very first contest that is presented by the Amazing Nature Community itself ^^

Best wishes,


Funny I have been checking your personal account, watching for the new contest posts, thought you were just late with it so I went ahead and posted my post into the community and walla! There was the contest post!

Love the idea of running from the community account and having curations for there is a tremendous amount of awesome nature photos coming into this community! You have done an awesome job of hosting this contest and it's good to see you branching out and having a team effort! Thank-you for all you have been doing supporting nature photography!

Thank you very much @porters ^^ Without all this awesome support of the Hiveans out there I would have never been able to fulfill my dream of bringing all the nature lovers out there together ;) .. And now we are sooo close to finally bring a real and amazing community to life, with an own curator team and much more !! .. This is sooo amazing ;) .. I will promise to never stop to improve this community on all edges to make it even a little bit better every day 😁

Any change is positive, I think it will be good for the whole community.

In my case, it is my wish to continue striving to make good quality posts and also to do what I can for the members of this incredible community.

Once again, @adalger thank you for all the support you have given me and also all the support you give Amazing Nature!😁🐬

It was a real pleasure to be hosting amazing nature up to today ^^ .. now we finally have a substantial moderator team including own AN-curators, DNA-curator, Nnature-News-Bulletins" and still one contest 🙃 .. But I have the feeling that this is still just the beginning of something far bigger that still has to evolve .. lets make this Amazing Nature community into an Awesome Amazing Nature community ^^


Hehe, still beer tokens out there ^^ .. always my favorite one 😜


Hey @adalger, here is a little bit of BEER from @bucipuci for you. Enjoy it!

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