Amazing Nature Contest - July 2020 - #03 - CLOSED

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Hello Nature Lovers !


I would like to cordially invite you to another great week of the Amazing Nature Contest. There were already so many excellent entries regarding how amazing nature can be in the past episodes, thanks to all of you, but there is still so much more to see! ^^ To participate in the #amazingnature contests just create a post that shows how amazing nature is for you personally. This can be anything from a beautiful flower or animal to an astonishing sunset.

What is the Purpose of the Contest ?

I am a huge lover of nature and really enjoy to take pictures of all the lovely things that surround me every day, no matter if those are plants, animals or landscapes. I found Hive to be a brilliant place to find and watch nature pictures from all over the world. There is such a diversity of great content out there, thanks to all of you, from different perspectives and out of various motivations. I would like to collect all those beautiful snapshots and their amazing stories in a weekly compilation so that you can all benefit from the beauty that we are facing all the time, but so often are not able to appreciate in the modern and fast paced times we are living in.

This #amazingnature contest is at home in the DNA-Discord, a organization run by people for the people, with the aim to foster and densify nature-appreciation in the blockchain. DNA is also the home of the #featheredfriends hosted by amazing @melinda010100 🦢 and the @fungilovers hosted by @qwerrie 🍄.


Contest Rules :

  • Please join the Community and POST your entry INTO the AMAZING NATURE COMMUNITY. This makes it a part of it and visible to all other members of the community. You can add the #amazingnature TAG after it if you like.
  • CLEARLY MENTION that your post is an ENTRY for this contest.
  • All pictures have to be your own. You can use the amazing nature banner if you like or create your own.
  • STATE IN THE TEXT why those pictures are representing YOUR AMAZING NATURE. This is an ESSENTIAL part of this contest.
  • Drop the LINK to your post IN THE COMMENTS. You can add a picture if you like. It is NECESSARY as I have to post a link in Discord on Friday, 5 days later for voting and also for my own compiling purposes.
  • The entry window is open for ~ 5 DAYS. Watch out for the -CLOSED in the title.

If you miss the entry, please wait for the next round. As I have to work and also a family to manage, there are no fixed UTC times and the window can open in a wide range between 10 am - 10 pm and therfore also close accordingly ^^

  • The AMAZING NATURE COMMUNITY is there FOR ALL POSTS ABOUT THE AMAZING NATURE AROUND YOU that are not necessarily a contest entry. We would highly appreciate it if you share your great nature content there with us! .. But the contest is also located in this community as an integrated part and special feature .. You can also still use the #amazingnature tag if you like.

Possible Topics :

As nature covers an incredible wide range there is really anything possible. Amazing Natures categories could be anything from the following topics:

  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Geology
  • Landscapes
  • Philosophy
  • ... Surprise us ^^


Prizes to Win :

  • 1st : 3 HIVE
  • 2st : 2 HIVE
  • 3st : 1 HIVE

I will always try my best to link and present all participants of Amazing Nature in the entries section of the announcement posts that will be published roughly one week later on Sunday (depending on my time schedule this may shift some time ^^). This way you will have a nice compilation of them all. As an special feature, the new title picture of the contest will be created from the entry of the contest winner. This time it is from @mikitaly.

How are the Winners chosen ?

The voting for the winners will be done by the whole DNA community. Therefore we created a special contest channel in the DNA Discord (Amazing Nature Contest). Here I will post the announcement post including the winners (Announcements) EACH SUNDAY together with all your entries (Entries) EACH FRIDAY. Every member of DNA will be able to assign "voting emojies" under the entries for 24 HOURS and in the end those three with the most of them are the lucky winners. This I hope should lead to a more objective consideration than just involving myself as a judge. I will engage as a judge in case of a draw ^^



The winner of this weeks contest is @mikitaly with her great picture series of a bee that she caught while taking nectar from some flowers. She came very close to this little fellow and managed to get some nice detailed pictures, showing the veins on the entire length of the wings and its huge big black eye ^^ Also, thank you very much for the reminder that we all should should learn that we actually can share the same spaces without harming the other and all we need is just a little respect! I just hope that one day humans remember this wisdom of nature again and that this is not just an utopic thought of some of us ;)



This week @brittandjosie talked a bit about her problem with an ant colonie that was settling directly in front of her house and the difficulties to get rid of them. But she also has the perfect solution at hand, getting an ant eater as a pet, hehe. She also added a nice picture of one that can be found at the Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam ^^ She found all kind of ants, ranging from small to big one, and even some with wings, which are actually the only ones in the colony that are fertile. They need those wings to reproduce, because couples like to do it in the air, also known as the wedding flight! .. Outside the mating season mainly female workers hatch from the eggs, which care for the larvae and maintain the nest. They do not produce offspring. Her post is actually full of more interesting facts about ants and their mating rituals, so give it a look if you are interedsted in more details ;) .. Thank you very much for this great and highly informative post ^^



Here we have an awesome shaped island by @alexanderfluke that is located at the northern coast of Madeira. It has the name "Ilheo Vermelho", which translates to "Red Island" from the Portuguese. But his suggestion, to called it rather "Shark Fin Island" or "Dead Stegosaurus Island", is by far a better idea, hehe. Thank you very much for showing us amazing work of Mother Nature ! This for sure look amazing ;)




































Amazing Nature Community :

AmBan.jpgClickable Banner for free usage. Redirects to the Amazing Nature Community

AmNaBa.pngClickable Banner by @barbara-orenya

You all asked for one and here it is, the AMAZING NATURE COMMUNITY. It is dedicated to all you Nature Lovers out there, no matter if Zoology, Botany, Landscapes or Philosophy ^^ You will also find many entries to the contest in there. It has the #hive-127788 tag and you can find it here:


This community is there FOR ALL POSTS ABOUT THE AMAZING NATURE AROUND YOU. Currently I have 39 Nature Lovers on the autovote, which is set to 20% for 2 daily upvotes at the moment. I still reserve some voting power for manual curating on nature content when needed.

Previous Participants :

I thank all of you who participated and voted this week and hope that you enjoyed the Amazing Nature Contest. I am looking forward to more excellent content every week ^^. Of course this format is open for all kind of critics that can increase the quality of the contest and I am always happy about anyone who wants to join us on this little adventure.

@akinome @alexanderfluke @alicargofer @alinix @amandaj @annamarina @annephilbrick @apnigrich @artofwisdom @angelro @antoniarhuiz @atomcollector @bahttg @bambuka @belkisa758 @bigsambucca @blueroad @borjan @brittandjosie @bucipuci @careassaktart @carolinacardoza @chetanpadliya @chocolateskorpi @cocolefleur @crazyandy @daniela16 @dannewton @davidesimoncini @derekrichardson @doodle.danga @dkkarolien @dzoji @elitogold @elkezaksek @ellenripley @engrsayful @fanyokami @farm-mom @fmbs25 @futven12 @godlovermel25 @haastrecht @gertu @gingbabida @glotokens @gohenry @hangin @iamraincrystal @insense @ireenchew @irionet @irvet @isabelpena @jesuslnrs @joanstewart @joebtc @johannpiber @julianhorack @justicexxx @justclickindiva @kalemandra @kamrunnahar @karbon @kheys @kohsamui99 @letalis-laetitia @lighteye @leslierevales @librepensadora @lisfabian @lorennys @maloustau @manojbhatt @manorvillemike @manuelramos @mariacaffrey @melinda010100 @mers @mikitaly @mintymile @misschance @mllg @molometer @mondoshawan @monowar @myjob @mysteriousroad @naide71 @naty16 @nelinoeva @nilom @ninahaskin @oizaguirres @offgridlife @olivia08 @oredebby @paradigm42 @pavelsku @phortun @porters @pradeepdee6 @qwerrie @racarjoal @razeiv @redheadpei @rosanita @sarimanok @sayee @sallybeth23 @seadbeady @sreypov @starjewel @sunscape @s3rg3 @thebigsweed @theoctoberwind @thesobuz @travelsbyblue @trincowski @trudeehunter @truelovemom @viking-ventures @vincent21 @whatisnew @wongbraling @yessgutierrez @yskar @zhanavic69

If you want me to take you out of the list, or if you don't want your picture, in the case you are the winner, to be used as a new title picture, just let me know about it in the comments.

Dedicated to all Nature Lovers out there, no matter if Zoology, Botany, Landscapes or Philosophy ^^


DNA - Densifying Nature-Appreciation :


DNA is an organization, managed by @medro-martin, to foster and DENSIFY NATURE-APPRECIATION which aims to establish REPORTS OF BIODIVERSITY DATA that is contributed by all of us Hiveans and subsequently cataloged.

Therefore DNA searches for HIGH-QUALITY posts that aim to DESCRIBE and determine the BIODIVERSITY AROUND YOU with added EXPLANATIONS and INFORMATIONS. For these informative posts they offer a CURATION SERVICE using the account. It is also a CURATION TRAIL. Just add the #dna TAG if you think that any of your posts is what they are looking for.

At the moment DNA is also the home of the #amazingnature for all your post about the amazing nature all around us and also the home of the #featheredfriends hosted by the lovely @melinda010100 🦢 for all you great posts about our feathered friends and the #fungifriday hosted by the amazing @qwerrie 🍄 for all your posts about fungi and mushrooms ^^ But we hope that more nature related communities will join, or maybe some Hiveans start their own little project there ;) .. Maybe even you?



If you are INTERESTED in DNA, please do not hesitate to ask about it, or directly JOIN US in the DNA DISCORD ;)

"By The People, For The People"


The Terminal & Discord :

There is another initiative here on Hive that I would like to bring close to you as I absolutely love them, The Terminal:


It is a great location for LEARNING ABOUT HIVE, Discord, and Hive-related communities, full of nice people that you may ask if you need ASSISTANCE, with nearly everything ^^ You will find documents to assist you, a place to learn and practice, and find out about the many opportunities to form CONNECTIONS with other Hiveans.

It host the REDFISH RALLY, a funny challenge for all those that are new here to the world of Hive. The Terminal also hosts the HEYHAVEYAMET project by @heyhaveyamet, which introduces all new Hiveans on a daily basis, so that you don't have to search for them ^^


So why not joining us in the THE TERMINAL DISCORD? You will not regret it ^^

"Your one-stop location for learning about destinations in the Hive blockchain and Discord"


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Best wishes,


Hi there everyone ^^

.. and congratulations to the winners of this rounds ! I am sorry that I was still very inactive this week regarding commenting on all your amazing nature posts, as I actually was already several weeks now. But I have good news for you all. End of next week I will finally have been submitting my phd thesis and consequently will have the time again to increase my availability here in the community and the contest. Actually I have so much content already that wants to be published that I could pump out daily posts for a month, hehe

But .. This still has to wait. I am planing to dedicate at least one week, if not more, to my family and a great holiday in the beautiful Netherlands with them. They have not seen me for about a month now, as I was hiding 24/7 in the laboratories for some urgent last measurement and necessary writing corrections .. During this time I will be not available at all in the interweb, also not during the weekend. I hope you can understand this ^^ .. So, I am planing to change the next contest round in one week a little bit, just that you are forewarned !!

The next announcement in one week will be a special again, yeahh .. I know some of you missed those ;) .. The entry time will be elongated to two weeks and the topic, also still about amazing nature, will be changed a little bit too .. As I kind of have achieved a real big thing with my phd thesis in science, I would like to hear from you about your personal achievements regarding the amazing nature around you. Show me what you personally archived out there ! .. Did you grew a big field of crops or did you managed a community project that grew trees or traveled and documented animal life in the whole world ? .. I want to read about what you personally did , with your own hands or mind to appreciate and promote the amazing nature out there around you .. I hope you are getting the point ^^ .. Also the prizes will be doubled during this special, so take your time to create an really amazing and mind blowing post ;)

OK, this said, I wish you an amazing next week wit the amazing nature contest! And thank all of you who are participating in the winners voting in the DNA discord. You are the best and took a huge part of work from my shoulders during the last weeks ^^

Best wishes,

My Best to you on completion of phd thesis...!!
Definitely take all the time you need to spend time with your family. The Netherlands 🤗🙂

Hey congrats on finishing your phd thesis! What was the topic of the thesis?
Hoping you have a wonderful time with your family with a well deserved break and holiday!
It will be interesting to see what people come up with for this next weeks special Amazing Nature contest!
I've got ideas rolling around in my head all ready. Now to see if I can capture them in photos!

Felicidades por este nuevo capítulo en tu vida y en tu área que adoras. Futuro doctor en ciencias esperemos que vincules tu teoría con este concurso para que todos continuemos con este lindo trabajo de investigación, sentimiento y placer.

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Thank you for pick my picture! Much appreciated 😊

Well deserved winners selected from tiny to larger things around us in amazing nature.


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Congratulations to the winners :-).
A great competition of pictures and stories is a great business card for this competition.

Congratulations to the Winners...!!!!!
Thank you for the Honorable mention...🐛🤗..!!!

I wasn't expecting it, I'm very happy. Thanks so much for voting my post.
Congratulations to all participants.🤗😍😁

Wow! The post looks really nice with all those photographs!! Thank you!

Once again such a beautiful collection of nature photos came it!
Congratulations to all the winners!
Thank-you for the honorable mention!
I have an entry for this week with a visit to the wildflower meadow at:

triange of pussytoe blooms point to waves of pink in wildflower meadow and spruce trees.JPG

All entries are very beautiful!!
Great job!

Hi @adalger
This is my entry Link


Congratulation to all the winners!!

Congratulations to the winners and of also to what you are doing with your phd thesis submission. It's great work. Enjoy your time with your family too.

Hi @adalger thank you for the honorable mention and here is my entry for this round. Thank you 😊

Beautiful Flowers on my Travels.