Amazing Nature Contest - January 2020 - #04 - Important Announcement - Introducing DNA

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Hello Nature Lovers !


I would like to cordially invite you to another great week of the Amazing Nature Contest. There were already so many excellent entries regarding how amazing nature can be in the past episodes and there is still so much more to see ^^ .. To participate in #amazingnature just create a post that shows how amazing nature is for you personally. This can be anything from a beautiful flower or animal to an astonishing sunset.

What is the Purpose of the Contest ?

I am a huge lover of nature and really enjoy to take pictures of all the lovely things that surround me every day, no matter if those are plants, animals or landscapes. I found Steemit to be a brilliant place to find and watch nature pictures from all over the world. There is such a diversity of great content out there, thanks to all of you, from different perspectives and out of various motivations. I would like to collect all those beautiful snapshots and their amazing stories in a weekly compilation so that you can all benefit from the beauty that we are facing all the time, but so often are not able to appreciate in the modern times we are living in.


Contest Rules :

  • Use #amazingnature as FIRST TAG and CLEARLY MENTION that your post is an ENTRY for this contest. This assures that this contest can grow and reach out to as many nature lovers as possible.
  • As an ALTERNATIVE you can also use the #hive-127788 TAG prior to #amazingnature as the first one. It is the tag of the former #amazingnature community that is now the new DNA & AMAZING NATURE community together.
  • All pictures that you use have to be your own. You can use the amazing nature banner if you like or create your own. Do not forget to mention the source !
  • Clearly STATE IN THE TEXT why those pictures are representing YOUR AMAZING NATURE. This is an essential part of this contest.
  • Drop the LINK to your post IN THE COMMENTS so all participants can find it easily and fully enjoy this weekly collection. You can add a picture if you like. It is also NECESSARY as I have to post one link to the Discord on Friday 5 days later for voting and also for my own compiling purposes.
  • Please submit only one post per contest. Of course you can do more, but I will stick to the first entry per Steemian.
  • The entry window is open for 5 DAYS.

Possible Topics :

As nature covers an incredible wide range there is really anything possible. Amazing Natures categories could be anything from the following topics:

  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Geology
  • Landscapes
  • Philosophy
  • ... Surprise us ^^


Prizes to Win :

  • 1st Place : 3 SBI
  • 2nd Place : 2 SBI
  • 3rd Place : 1 SBI

I will always try my best to link and present all participants of Amazing Nature in the entries section of the announcement posts that will be published roughly one week later on Sunday (depending on my time schedule this may shift some time ^^). This way you will have a nice compilation of them all. As an special feature, the new title picture of the contest will be created from the entry of the contest winner. This time it is from @redheadpei.

How are the Winners choosen ?

I do not choose the winners personally, also I did it in the beginning. The voting will be done by the community instead. For this purpose the Steem Terminal was so kind to create a special contest room in their Discord. Here I will post the announcement post (contests-and-such) EACH SUNDAY together with all your entries (adalger-contest) EACH FRIDAY. Every member of the Terminal will be able to assign "voting emojies" under the entries for 24 HOURS and in the end those three with the most of them are the lucky winners. This I hope should lead to a more objective consideration than just involving myself as a judge ^^


Steem Terminal Discord Server:

If you want to vote for the entries, feel free to join us on the Steem Terminal Discord:

It is a great location for learning about Steem, Discord, and Steem-related communities, full of nice people that you may ask if you need assistance, with nearly everything ^^ It also host the Redfish Rally, a funny challenge for all those new here. You will find documents to assist you, a place to learn and practice, and find out about the many opportunities to connect with other Steemians. So why not joining us? You will not regret it ^^



The first winner of this week's contest is our well-known @redheadpei. At her place in Eastern Canada it was quite cold and it snowed a lot lately and her entry is about a raven eating up a piece of bread that she put out for him during that harsh weathercconditions ^^ Usually she encounters rather timid raven, but this time she found this big one here landing very close to the kitchen window. Not only a sign of more snow coming if they approach that close, but also of being blessed and favored by Odin. It is a fantastic little photographic story and I hope he comes back another day, now that he knows that there is always a bite of bread for him at your place ^^ Thank you for this great story and entry about the raven ^^



Today I have the honor to present to you a new participant of the contest, namely @haastrecht. He is a dutch photographer that shows a lot of great landscape pictures in his blog. Also some very nice drone captured footage ^^ In his entry he shows us some beautiful pictures from the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park in the Netherlands. The weather was great, the autumn leaves hanging nicely, and the light was absolutely perfect. I already put this National Park k, which is quite close to my home place, on my list of places to visit next :) .. Thank you so much for participating in Amazing Nature and also for already joining the community hive ^^ I am sure we can expect many great landscape pictures from this amazing duch drone pilot in the future :)



Here we have @bucipuci again. There are for sure some great steemians here in the contest, but he has the hand to find the beauty of nature in all the places which most people would never even look at. While he is walking alone or with the dog, he always enjoys every moment in nature. From time to time you even get some amazing philosophical statements in his post that are absolutely stunning. He would find hope even in the most deserted places. It is so nice to see you around so often in the entry list and congratulations for being in the winners list ^^











IMG_20190629_140601 closeup.jpg


abraham, comida, laguna, ladrillos, 046.jpg




Normally I use this chapter to feature a Steemian, but today I have an amazing announcement instead. It is about the merging of Amazing Nature and the Steem Biodiversity Project that initialised the founding of DNA - Densifying Nature-Appreciation.

You know that I was always eager to find and watch nature pictures from all over the world in all their diversity and from various perspectives and motivations. I wanted to collect all those beautiful snapshots and their amazing stories in a compilation from which you can all benefit. Now I found @aakashsinghbais who came up with that amazing project idea here. I directly fell in love with it at the very first moment and already jumped in heads first. By working together, hand in hand, all us Steemians can now create something even bigger and far more valuable for the whole community that Mother nature would be so proud of ^^

SBioP (Steem Biodiversity Project)


"The aim of our project is to reward people for their efforts and to publish reports of biodiversity data contributed or cataloged by Steemians giving due credits to the contributors.
The Steem Biodiversity Project is a non-profit effort based on community support and contributions. We'll also try to use our funds to help deserving fellow Steemians contribute more than they could (without our support) towards the goal of the project. The remaining funds will be used for giving remunerations to the people actively working as scientists and those helping in managing this project. We started working fully 2 weeks ago on 9th January 2019. The past two weeks (Week-1, 2) of our project have been great and interesting with your support."

Project description by @aakashsinghbais

SBioP Announcement Post

We talked a lot already and came to the conclusion that our motivations are very similar. We will combine our efforts and try to bring all of you nature lovers together under the same roof, with #amazingnature and #sbiop as just the beginning to fill the house that is called:

DNA - Densifying Nature-Appreciation


There will be several changes in the future that I will list now. But to calm you down a bit, I will still host this contest for you that you all love soo much, just with some changes:

  • There is already a DNA Discord server. If you want to participate in DNA, please join us there and help to build it up for all of you. You will find the DISCORD INVITATION HERE

  • The #amazingnature contest is already implemented in this server, but the "emoji" voting system has not migrated from the Terminal yet. I like to give you some time to adapt to the recent changes first. The whole contest will be moved next week, or maybe the one after.

  • A curation service for nature related post is implemented by DNA using the @dna.steem account. It is also a curation trail and it would be nice if you think about following or delegating to it.

  • I will still leave the autovotes for my contestants so far, but I am planing to support the new manual curation system by @dna.steem from now on. I withdrew some SBI delegation already, but will leave enough to manage SBI rewards for you. The remaining voting power will be distributed between the contestants autovotes and the @dna.steem delegation. It may shift to full delegation in the future too.

  • This said I would encourage you to create high quality nature content. Do not just post simple pictures, but add some explanation and information if possible and remember to quote the sources. DNA curation aims to posts that support high quality posts and not just simple pictures.

  • The Amazing Nature #hive-127788 that I created for you was already rearranged too. I know that beta.steemit is still there to come, but we would like to already encourage you to join in with all your posts that are in the spirit of DNA. The community hive already changed to DNA. Just use #hive-127788 as first tag for the purpose of posting in this community. If you want you can also use and populate the regular #dna tag too for this purpose by using it as anyone of your tags if you have nature related content.



I thank all of you who participated and voted this week and hope that you enjoyed the Amazing Nature Contest. I am looking forward to more excellent content to come as every week ^^. Of course this format is open for all kind of critics that can increase the quality of the contest and I am always happy about anyone who wants to join us on this little adventure.

Previous Participants :

@akinome @alinix @annamarina @annephilbrick @apnigrich @artofwisdom @angelro @atomcollector @bahttg @bigsambucca @brittandjosie @bucipuci @careassaktart @cocolefleur @davidesimoncini @dkkarolien @elkezaksek @ellenripley @engrsayful @haastrecht @hangin @iamraincrystal @ireenchew @irvet @isabelpena @joanstewart @joebtc @johannpiber @justclickindiva @kamrunnahar @karbon @kheys @lighteye @manojbhatt @maricaffrey @melinda010100 @mintymile @misschance @molometer @myjob @mysteriousroad @nelinoeva @nilom @ninahaskin @paradigm42 @phortun @qwerrie @redheadpei @sarimanok @sayee @sallybeth23 @seadbeady @s3rg3 @theoctoberwind @thesobuz @travelsbyblue @trincowski @viking-ventures @wongbraling

If you want me to take you out of the list, or if you don't want your picture, in the case you are the winner, to be used as a new title picture, just let me know about it in the comments.




If you want to know more about me, just look up my Introduceyourself post or follow my blog ^^

Learn more about @adalger here !

Best wishes,


Hello everyone ^^

Thank you for another great week of amazing nature. Today I have made some Important Announcement in this post where you normally find the Feature. Please take your time to read it properly :).. It is about some changes of Amazing Nature in general and the founding of DNA - Densifying Nature-Appreciation. This said, I wish you all an amazing new week with the Contest ^^

Best wishes,
Your Adalger

Congratulations @adalger! So happy to see your initiative growing 😉👌

Thank you @iamraincrystal ^^ .. We hope that this is the way that will unite all us nature lovers one day and that we can create a beautiful databank all together.. DNA is still in the beginning phase and we are always eager to welcome everyone who wishes to join and help.. This community will be run by all members together one day, so if you can we would be highly grateful if you can mention the project to all those from which you think are interested in working together to forge this from the beginning :)

I thank the voters for their votes. I am glad that I could participate in this competition.
The proposed DNA project has a commendable vision.

Hehe there @bucipuci!

I should be glad that you are always so eager to participate :) you are in this contest already from the very beginning spreading its spirit in such a great way! .. I am glad to hear that you appreciate DNA's vision ^^ .. I am certain that there are many steemians out there who share this dream with us.. I have to admit that this vision is a huge one, but if we all work together we can make this work and it will be a wonderful initiative :)

Thank you for the compliment :-).
I will study the DNA project for a clear idea.

Souds like awesome news! I am happy for you :) And congrats to the winners of course.

Thank you @phortun ^^ .. By, the way, your entry was such an excellent one that perfectly fits into what DNA is looking for. It's really informative and full of great pictures, hehe.. I am happy that you choose to create such nice posts :) please go on like this and remember DNA whenever you are creating another one of those beautiful posts ^^

Thanks man :) Actually, I got some nice feedback to that iguana post from this project ;) Looking forward to the next round.

🤗Congratulations to the winners...!!
and Thank You for the honorable mention 🤗.
I have been truly enjoying looking at all the beautiful inspiring photos and stories while having my morning coffee.
The DNA project is very exciting...!!!!!!
I deeply believe Nature unites us all.

You are welcome @annephilbrick ^^ It is always a pleasure to write your name down in my announcements, hehe 😊 .. I really hope that we can get more great nature experts into it.. Maybe you too?.. Or other great bloggers like @melinda010100 and her #featheredfriends 🤔.. The more we get into the boat of DNA, the greater the community will be in the end for everyone of us 😁😁

It sounds fascinating! And #featheredfriends will be supportive of this!

Wow.. That is sooo good to hear @melinda010100.. If you want there will be a home for you and #featheredfriends in DNA.. We would be soo honored if you join in ^^

I joined the Discord and would be happy to delegate a small amount. I was trying to figure out where to send my delegation.

I would definitely love to be involved...!!!!

Hehe, that's good to hear ^^ you are always welcome to join us in discord :)

Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions!🏆

I'm excited about the new changes and merger with Steem Biodiversity Project to create DNA.🔬🧬👨‍🔬

Thank you for keeping us aprised of the progressive movement and for continuing to support the Amazing Nature challenge! @adalgar

Upv & Rsd!

Thank you very much @ninahaskin !

I already saw that you joined us there, that's great.. I will keep the contest running for all time if possible :) .. It is now embedded in DNA as a kind of "in-house" contest. This way, with DNA created, Mother Nature will be even happier when she browses through the blockchain :)

Activity on DNA has grown exponentially since startup and looks great!

Amazing pbotographs you had from last contest bro

Hehe thanks ^^ They are really great indee .. and they are always a few new participants too each week ;)

It will be interesting to see nature photography and descriptive detail all in one place, so many interesting happenings all around us @adalger

Hey there @joanstewart.. I am also looking forward to see more detailed and informative posts about nature around ^^ There is so much we all do not know and if we use our educative power properly all of us can learn something from each other and benefit from it here on the blockchain :) .. This is all so promising ^^

Congratulations to the winners and thank you for the honorable mention. I hope this union with DNA takes us to another level. Congratulations @adalger on this merger.

Thank you @isabelpena .. This merger is such a promising one. The DNA community already grew so big in just one week and everyday there are new ideas and projects that we discuss and implement ;) .. This will turn out as a super amazing project.. I am so exited about it ^^

Congratulations to the participants and the winners of week 03 !

here is my first participation to your contest ^_^

Thank you for this nice entry @barbara-orenya ^^ .. And welcome to our little amazing nature family :)

Thank you for your entry ^^ .. It looks really nice how accurate the beavers are working, reciclying everything as good as possible for their lairs and for food :)

You are most welcome @adalger ..!!
They are truly resourceful recyclers.

Thanks @adalger for this! Congrats to everyone on the fantastic amazing nature posts. I’m honoured to be featured. 💕 😊

You are very welcome @redheadpei.. You always entry with such beautiful posts, and a nice story accompanying them every time ^^ .. I am always happy whenever I see you entering ;)

Entry for contest: Gastropods - Snails On Trails

Thank you very much for this amazing and imformative entry @joanstewart.. This for sure is a nice #amazingnature and also #dna post!.. Have you already thought about joining us at DNA Discord?

I will take some time to look into the DNA Discord thanks!

Thank you for your entry, full of cats and some with descriptions on them ^^ .. It made me smile to read that you have a little Nami too ;)

Amazing ice crystal entry!.. It is so magical when temperature and humidity start to dance together some time.. Ice crystals are one of their most beautiful songs from their hit album, hehe

Congrats to this week's winners. I am so excited to have #featheredfriends join you and be a new part of the DNA - Densifying Nature-Appreciation project!
Heal quickly, my friend. ❤️

Thank you @melinda010100 ^^ .. It's so nice to see you in DNA too now ! .. I could not resist to take a quick look into steem, hehe ;)

I am glad you popped in! Hope everything goes well for you!


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Keep up the great work!


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Thank you very much for this delicious upvote ^^

Hey there @bucipuci, thank you for your entry about the fungi to find in the woods ^^

It was a pleasure :-)

Nice selection and congratulations for all.


I am CLOSING the ENTRY window now

The VOTING will START in the SteemTerminal Discord soon ^^

Thank you all for participating this week ;)

Best wishes,

hmmm.... the rules section says applying window is 5 days, not 4. ok. I can apply it to the next round, no problem!

Hey there @qwerrie, I posted the contest on sunday ~ 11 am (~10 utc) .. So the contest hit its 5 days old already several hours ago, already before noon .. I admit its a bit confusing.. Maybe I should define a proper utc time when I publish the post and start the voting.. I thought this closing message would be enough to signalise it.. Also this is sometimes highly dependent on my time shedule and availability and can shift by +/- some time

Hey there @misschance.. I found your post yesterday as you tagged me there and already added you to the voting ^^

Thanks too much :) :)

Not for this, so far voting looks not to bad for you, hehe.. Thank you for your nice trees to entry ^^.. And for populating the new hive :).. We really appreciate it 🙏

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