Just another sunset

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Yup, just another one of those sunsets... 😉

It was one of the last ones of October, about two weeks ago

It's always this same view ~ from the front window of my apartment
in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Somehow being slightly elevated on the fourth floor provides me the advantage of capturing the sunsets just over the buildings and treetops!

Always this view, but oh, what a difference of scenes
Depending on what Mother Nature feels like dealing out to me that day!

As I always say, I just click whatever is given to me... 😊


Post-sunsets are the best!
That is, after the sun goes down
is when showtime starts...


Scenes change fast during this bewitching hour
Be sure to be ready to spend some time... and pay attention!
Don't wander off...
or you might miss the highlight of the evening


All these were shot within 15 minutes or so...
With one to three minutes between each shot


I try to alternate between zoom-in shots...
And zoom-out
where you see what my entire view looks like
Well, almost....


Those clump of trees on the right are personal favourites!
Especially the bare branch one
Couldn't resist this shot with some sky colours backing them


The skyscrapers in silhouette are amongst the tallest in the city at the moment, hence still visible even though I'm outside the city
You have (from right) the Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower, the up-coming Merdeka 118 and the Exchange 106
Extreme left is a nearby minaret of a mosque


Further left, my view is a lil more uncluttered, and peaceful...
Totally befitting the gorgeous orange of this evening


And the warmth spreads
as the lights start to come on


The colours of the evening



Sometimes the colours intensify
Just for that one moment
Before they fade away

Captured with SONY A5100 | ©images & text my own | click image for fullscreen view

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Huggggssss, kitty! 😽


I am still waiting for my drama skies. It is either way still all blue, or completely cloudy.
No fun...

Comingggg.... 🤞

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 31 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you, @pixresteemer! :)

Your photography is beautiful!

Awwww, thank you, @sreypov! 😊

Wow! Excellent series! Love the narration too. Great post.

And the warmth spreads
as the lights start to come on

That line struck me. As the night deepens, it gets colder, but you've captured the new warmth, the warmth that is not warm. What a view! Lucky you!

Thank you! :)

Oh AC, I love your apartment. Can I come live with you?
It won't be too long before I will not be able to
Travel much, which would be a crying shame.
Love your sunsets my friend. @ackhoo 💚

Hahahaha... you're not the first who wants to move here! 😄
These days I wonder... when we shall get the chance to travel again - sighhh

Thank you, my friend! 😊

Always, you know I love you

Golden hour photography is always the best.

Great shots.

Yes, I'm a big fan... :) Thank you!

Awww, thanks! :)

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A lovely sunset, ja, ja, ja.....¡as always, friend!. Hugs

Haha, many thanks, my friend! Greetings from Malaysia...

Sunsets from home always spectacular, a short time to let go of everything and just watch natures paint brush touch the skies.

Gorgeous captures @ackhoo have a wonderful evening.


So right.... I literally drop everything and grab the camera... and am lost!
I can thank these lockdowns for the time and opportunity for them! :)
Have a good day too, @joanstewart! And thank you!!

Time of the day to let go... in more ways than one, have a fabulous day.

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Thank you!

Amazing color! Very beautiful series.

Thanks, @tatdt! :) Much appreciated

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That magic window of yours is certainly producing and still producing some beautiful paintings ☺️

Sometimes more than others... ☺
But i'll take whatever comes along!

What a beauty!!!

Thank you! :)

@ackhoo Hello, I liked your pictures.
The sunsets are beautiful!

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