Cameron's trail ~ Flowers, flowers, flowers!

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Okay, so if you have something against flowers, then you have been fore-warned...

Yup, this post will be filled... in fact, one of those irritatingly over-flowing with flowers posts! Don't say I didn't warn you?! 😄🌼🌼🌼

Everyone loves flowers, don't they?
Are there even people who dislike flowers?

Who knows?!!

Anyway, with everything happening around the world right now, allow me to spread a lil flower cheer around. Not as if we in the tropics have that many flowers as the temperate climates, but this is a small collection I met in a flower garden whilst on my Cameron's Trail...

(Yeah, yeah, I'm still hoarding some of the ton of shots I have from that same one trip. Well, no more trips for awhile, so I gotta make these last! 😉)


A two-toned Gerbera daisy
These are usually rather pretty
And this was no exception
Quite an unusual colour, I thought...
so that's what we're starting off with!


A bud
A yellow bud
Looking like a periscope!
Ahoy there...
Anyone there?


Classic red
Arrogant and elegantly proud


This is what that bud above would end up looking like...
Gorgeous and brilliant!


Anyone can tell me if this is a variant of lavender?
We were at a lavender farm which also had a cool range of other flowers... so I kinda just went around guessing if all the purple bunches were lavenders....
or not!
The farm wasn't big on labels or signs....


This one is... I think
Quite the classic-looking lavender... I think


A blue-r tone lavender?

DSC03203 b.jpg

Side attraction...
I always love these wheat-like wild grass(?)
Looking rather gloomy here in moody weather
Somehow the light seems to suit it!


They also had some produce for sale there
Very different variety from the ones I'm used to...


Pumpkins, anyone?


Couldn't resist this pale sweet Gerbera...
Okay, this was to remind me that the metal racks holding these Gerbera plants sheltered more plants underneath them...


Good use of valuable space, don't you think...


Protected under the racks...
Catching patches of pale sunlight


Yup, tons of healthy mint growing under the racks too!


Alongside, some 'underdogs' as I like to call them
Poor small tiny flowers that many don't notice


These however were 'loud'...
with the contrasting colours of white and red


Experimenting my camera skills on more of these...



Finally, a water maiden catches our attention
to a lily pond


And a full blown waterlily

Captured with SONY A5100 + Sony E 50mm f1.8 OSS lens | ©images & text my own | click image for fullscreen view

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Thank you, @pixresteemer! :)

So pretty! 😍

Yayyyy! Happy you like them!! (even the pale pink one??)

My eyes chose to skip all whats pink :D


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Appreciate that very much, thank you! 🙏


Very, very, very beautiful and interesting selection, friend. Congrats

Awwww, thank you very much, my friend... 🥰🙏 Much appreciated!

Wonderful colours, extraordinary views

Thank you!

So beautiful!

Yesss! Nature is... :) Many thanks for dropping by

It's always a pleasure!

Beautiful 💜


beautiful flower


Wow what a beautiful flowers amazing 🙏⁦✌️⁩


Wow,those are very lovely flower photography.

Thank you! :)



Love the flowers so beautiful, looks like you had a wonderful time shooting flowers.

I did... 😊 Thank you! :)

There are so many beautiful flower photos, I cannot pick a favorite!!


Stunning collection of flowers and beautifully captured love everyone of them even the 🤣

Hahahaha... oops! 😄 Not all flowers!
Glad you liked them... Thank you!! 😊

My pleasure @ackhoo and i do love pumpkins 😊