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Back to bossku future, currently my machai already taken back their delegated power, so bossku is a little too weak to make comment. 3 cookies power, what do you expect? I have paid everything back to you investors already, including my underwear. So, don't even dare trying to shave my balls.


First thing first, bossku has been consistently heisting the drugwars factory ripping their DWD off for SteemP. With that we also trade our SteemP for TPU token, which will pay us a very sounding average payout rate.

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Unfortunately, during this time around, our factory are facing the bottleneck of the century and is going to foreclosure. We were just acquired a certain amount of TPU at price of 0.98, and now are bidding at 0.86. Which is really sad. I can see this is caused by the newly launched factory, but there are still some old biscuit in our old factory, if we ditch the old factories, will any of you give up collecting premium from @bossku? No right?

You see, in future, do @bossku pay you back in Steem? Or Hive? Bossku previously invested 2.7steems to purchase 270 SHOP token, and unfortunately, those SHOP token were also rendered useless, currently trading at 0.0010201. Our 313 pieces of SHOP token now worth $0.05. Seriously disappointed.

For the time being, @bossku will stop upvoting, and also stop commenting for you due to lack of SP. We will take a step back first, and see what is going to happen after 20/3/2020. Let's wait it out and see how far our new factory will take us. There's nothing much bossku can do to the TPU token, or we will have to lose a substantial amount.


@tipu curate !shop

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Dah Lama tak dapat curate tipu dari abg @davidke20 lagi 😪




吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


bossku, thanks for your kindness to gift SHOP to 6 steemians, you have been received a 100% upvote from me~
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