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Having managing a biscuit factory with a group of gangster isn't fun at all. Sometimes, I felt like I'm really out of my mind. Don't you think?

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So, @bossku discovered an easy way out, which is to NOT manage the biscuit factory nomore. I just let it go with freehand, let it run by itself. Every day or two, bossku will just come back and collect the biscuit, either trade it with cookies, or sell it and cash out.

At times, people think bossku is an idiot. Because bossku took the earnings and throw them into a high risk investment fund called TIPU. As you all know, TIPU in our local gang language meaning, CHEAT.

cheat, act dishonestly or unfairly to win profit or advantage, trick, deprive by deceit
deceit, deceiving, deception
originally from oxforddictionaries

"And that's the way the cookie crumble"

Bruce Nolan(Jim Carrey) in Bruce Almighty

Well, not exactly. That's how we needed to manage our fundings and overhead. In view of bossku running out of choice, selling biscuits, trading cookies is the only way to survive. We will continue to buy in TIPU and generate profit from there and pay you guys off. Meanwhile, please bear with us as the payout is really small and bossku will not ask HR department to make payroll yet.


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