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Your boosku proven to have the hardest life you can imagine. We've been through so much for the past 10 months, grinding through ups and down(mostly downs) and finally we thought of coming to a stable life, and this now it seems like we had to start it all over again.

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First of all, we begun the adventure by signing up #drugwars, going all in and all out with everybody. We invested into the drug biscuit business, just before we manage to cash out our investments, suddenly the drug biscuit factory declared machine breakdown and it will not be able to produce biscuit anymore. All of our investors will have to live depending on the fur ball generated by the sewing machine.

Fine, @bossku somehow manage to revive a few old machines we found at the storage which the previous owner didn't manage to send them to scrap. We put those old machine back online, spend overtime milking more cookies and biscuit from there. For whatever balance we can make out of those poor machines which was about to explode anytime soon, we use the profit to buy some retail shops so we can send candy to our investors.

Little did we know, those candy we send are now worthless because the shop were not properly maintain. People are selling their candy way below market value, and now we're stuck with a bunch of candy shops that send low value candy to our customers.

That's fine too, bossku willing to work overtime. Daily spent more then 3 hours fixing and upkeep those breaking down machines, and put them in production for the rest of the day and night. That doesn't last, as recently some of those from the neighboring druglords came over and kill all our guards and steal our business.

Since we're running out of funds to maintain those machines, there's no way bossku will be able to buy sparepart for the maintenance. Bossku are forced to shut down those production lines since we no longer able to run them. Why waste electricity? Bossku thought of a way, may be bossku can come out and join the servicing industry.

So, bossku started his diary, selling not only all kinds of services including the kinky one, but also specialized in baking cookies. Unfortunately, the dApp bossku use to record the diary is now undelegated. Seriously guys, bossku don't know what else can be done now.


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