Changing gangs?

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The cookie drama never stops. For every new day, there's new challanges that we all know. In #steem #blockchain, it's everyday new drama recipe. You'll just have to turn your back for a few hours, something new will appear, be it good or bad.

We've heard of an announcement, that we're going to move out from this factory, and heading to another brand spanking new, without knowing what are the performance factory to produce your new drug biscuits.

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Having said that, at the new environment, they claim will not have this kind of imbalance situation where community police will overpower everyone and they themselves commit a crime and citizens will be accused. Like if you're a girl, getting sexual harassment by a police officer, and the the police got caught sentence you for being pretty and sexy, resulting the police make wrong decision.

Seriously, Zoey and Elmo seems to grow alot taller than I can remember them. Funny thing is, their legs are now way much longer.

In all seriousness, what would you do? I'm just thinking I may be staying back for the old factory, but I'd rather play it safe by supporting the new chain.


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Moving to the new factory?
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