Flowers at My House: Another One Without a Name || Picture A Day

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Here I am again with my daily pics, since i have this theme going of flowers I will continue doing them cause I have a lot of different flowers in my house and they are the easiest to practice my phone photography with.

On this photo is again a flower i don't know the name to, all i know is the whole plant grows like wild weed if you dont keep her under control, i like it when she is small and pretty like this in a pot but my mother in law also has her going wild planted on the ground at our front entrance and well i want it out of there to me even cover in flowers it looks ugly like wild weed lol but my mother in law would rather I kick her son out of the house than let me mess with her plants.

Photo taken with my phone a Samsung J7 Neo's camera of 13Mp

@monster-one this is an old picture (no so old like a week old) of before your class so.... not rules were followed to take this one lol.

As always, thank you very much for reading me and
I hope to read your comments!

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Ah yo tampoco sé cómo se llama, pero sí tengo un par de fotos de esas flores, voy a ver si las encuentro,lo que sí recuerdo es que la planta que ví se veía casi como un árbol de lo grande que creció. Imagínate que fuera de color negro esa flor 😍