Picture a day - Persimmons arrived

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Most of the day the sun was hiding, it appeared from the clouds several times just for a few minutes. During one of these moments I dressed boldly, grabbed my camera and ran out into the street to the nearest greenery shop - I have long wanted to photograph persimmons in good natural light. This is one of my favorite fruits (in terms of its outlook, not for its taste!). Unfortunately , persimmons don't grow that far north where I live - I can see them only at store's shelves.


taken with Canon 5D, Sigma 150mm,
and natural lighting (unedited version, as shot)

Of course, as soon as I arrived to a closest street grocery store, the sun hid again. Still, I made a few captures, I just had to. If watermelons meant September, then persimmons are October and November. This is first time I shoot it in 2020. I hope there will be more.


А я люблю хурму грешным делом в виде еды. :)
А в детстве не ел, не любил. В 2007 году распробовал, когда в больничке 10 дней куковал.

я ничего против не говорю, это крайне полезная и роскошная вещь, но она вяжущая (как груши), поэтому у меня на нее просто идиосинкразия!

ну, есть же, которая совершенно не вяжет. а то еще полежит и совсем как сопельки начинает расползаться. :)

--вы любите помидоры, поручик?
--кушать да, а вообще не очень!

Great photo! I hope I could participate also in picture a day soon.

Thank You.

A Picture Day is easy and pleasurable one. takes less efforts to shape a post, sometimes it is important, when life lefts a little time for blogging :P
I just find the best, my fave pic I am in love in, from a few past days! and share it. blessings to you and your family!