A Bend in the Crooked River - Picture A Day

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Taken at Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon near the end of winter 2020. A six shot panorama taken at 18mm focal length. Stitched together and cropped in Lightroom.

Photo by me, @oldmans, with a Nikon D3300 and some Lightroom post processing.

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Amazing one Bill!

Just a curious question as I'm a bit new to this photography world. Did you mean that you've combined all six shots panorama shots in one? Asking a noob question sorry 😃

Thank you! All questions are welcome. 😁

I think my camera has a panorama feature but I have never used it. I took six normal shots out in the field knowing that I would try to create a panorama later in Adobe Lightroom on my PC. I just need to make sure I overlap well enough so everything is covered. Here is a screenshot in Lightroom prior to cropping. You can see the six shots stitched together with the outline of the crop inside.

I would have liked a little more blue sky above the rocks and a little more of the river at the bottom. Probably could have used about 4 more shots to get all that. This was done back in February so I have learned to add a few more shots each time I plan a pano.

Hope all that makes sense. 😃

That's so beautifully done Bill! And thank you for sharing this in abit detail, I can't wait to apply it on my panorama shots too 😃

Why will it not 😁 .. If the end product is cool as yours everything will make sense.

I wish you good luck and look forward to seeing your work my friend. 😀👍

Thanks :))