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Under Rule 6 of the Picture A Day Community:

Don't be ashamed of your non-awesomeness

I'm sharing with you one of my photographs. Keeping Rule 6 in mind, I ask that judgement not be awarded too harshly.

My photograph is one of my granddaughter attempting to blow bubbles with the bubble wand. Don't know what happened because evidently the bubbles or her blowing capacity wasn't working that day.

She soon gave up and moved on to something that worked...riding her bicycle. I'll share memories of that venture another day.



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  6. Don't be ashamed of your non-awesomeness
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  8. Only pictures you took yourself
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Equipment Used:
Samsung Galaxy 10" Tablet
Texas, U.S.A.



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.


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 2 months ago 

awww..., she is cute! 😁 What a big bubble-wand, too! I hope she has better success next time! 😊

Thank you. She has now outgrown bubbles. Making Slime is her new hobby.

Cute kid, got me reflecting on childhood memories of blowing bubbles.

I have been wanting to build a mousetrap car with the @KidSisters for far too long, another good memory from my childhood.

Beautiful Girl!

Thank you so much for your compliment. She is a sweetie. That's what I call her.

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You're welcome @justclickindiva👍🙂

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