Picture A Day : Cityscape.

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I hope you're having a great day.

I'm starting to publish a picture a day in Picture A Day Community.

This is another submission in this community.
And here's my picture for today.


Original Photography

ModelRedmi Note 5
Exposure Time1/610 Sec
ISO SpeedISO-160
Focal Length4 mm

About The Photo:

I normally don't go to the city regularly and I don't do photographs in cities that much cause I like to capture natural things like greens.

But I think this is a nice one.
I captured this one from Motizheel where I went for my office task.

I captured some more photos of this place from different angles and I think this is the best one to share and my wife also approved.

Si... here we are.

"The End"

That's all for now. I'll come with an interesting post again.

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Great photo!