Betman’s April Results – The Greatest Success Ever?

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Betman may argue that his April results may be his greatest success ever at BetScorum… at least after his brave Brexit tip that there won’t be June after May, but Johnson!

So, what is this greatest success ever? Who was betting at all in April? Was there any betting at the number of deaths in the greatest among the fraudster countries? The odd thing is that bookies were the first to open their armored counters, so the survivor can bet on… what? Livestock? Politicians? Is there any difference? What else?

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Why so impatient? We have a lifetime in lockdown to search for… oh, yes, Belarus football championship! The only sane people in all of Europe. They will have a nice party for a Victory Day on May 9th, and they have deserved it. They also allowed Betman another Victory month despite the harshest possible conditions in the history of mafia organized betting! Just look at this:

Betman was unable to get out to the neighbor bookie without bumping into a police patrol who was controlling curfew violators, and a few times when he was successful in his concealed visits, he was thrown out because – he wasn’t wear a mask! Can you imagine anything more bizarre? The only option left was BetScorum… and Belarus Championship. There was only one more soul with a few daily odds at the football games, and actually, in our 1-on-1 showdown, Betman had a bit of edge.

In April, there wasn’t a chance for extensive investment anywhere, and BetScorum was certainly not an exception. Betman found a reasonable investments only for some 1,423.36 SCR, and got 208.31 SCR of profit. With the 14.63% and given conditions, this is nothing short of a miracle!


Betman would like to express a gratitude to the anonymous member who allowed a pretense of BetScorum betting going on at his small expense. Maybe Betman will bore the brunt of this prolonged illusion in May… or Johnson. Or July.

In the meantime, rewarding algorithm at Scorum has gone towards a devastating direction. It was not a halving as with bitcoin, it was sixtheening with a downward trend. Which brought a price of SCR a little closer to one cent, but also drove out the last of authors who were hoping for some positive development of this platform. Well, at Scorum there are still a few of the most tenacious members, friends & relatives who come to read Betman’s texts, but BetScorum is left with only two members! Next halving, Betman will have to bet with himself!

Any survivors to comment?

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