Voice, Blurt & Zapata Gonna Make 4th July the Day of Social Freedom of Speech & Expression

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Yes, 4th July - the day of Independence!

Wait, that's still a few weeks away.

Okay, today, let's wish a very happy Father's Day to our dear father Justin (Yuchen) Sun!

We're so grateful for our existence to our father Sun.

Steem Killers.png

Note: Zapata & Voice logo are used for representational purpose only. They are not the exact official logos

When father Sun came and fucked the mother Steem, Steem gave birth to 3 children:

  1. Hive
  2. Blurt
  3. Zapata

Hive is the eldest of their children. So as Hivers, it's our responsibiloity to communicate our wishes to our father Sun.

(Okay, our sibling twins Blurt & Zapata are still unborn. So they can't wish him anyway).

We're excitedly looking for the delivery of twins Blurt & Zapata on 4th of July.

There is something for everyone on this Independence day.

If you don't want interference of your father in your day to day life, there is Blurt (with no Steemit stake).

But if you are of the kind who love to be together, come what may; then there is Zapata to make you happy.

Zapata is airdropping to all Steem wallets as per your STEEM balance on the pre-HF-23 snapshot date on 20th May, 2020. Blurt is airdropping too to everyone except Steemit or Sun.

Blurt will be experimenting and devising new methodologies to strengthen dPoS consensus after its launch.

Zapata is eyeing to snatch Instagram's market share and audience starting with its pilot project in Nigeria.

Dubbing it to be Instagram killer won't be appropriate at this time. But it would be easy to say that when Instagram would be lying on its death bed, for whatever reasons, in the future.

That's how Voice, that was dubbed as Steemit killer or Steemit 2.0, is trying to kill Steemit by launching now (when Steemit is already on her death bed).

Well, to correct myself, the Steemit-killer Voice is already working in USA market since Feb 14, 2020. Yes, that was the very day, Steemit was attempted to be killed by Sun. The news of his takeover surfaced on that day.

So Voice is on its job from the day one! Now Voice is launching worldwide on 4th of July. This time without the need for KYC (though biometric identification hash will be used).

Thus 4th July seems a major attack on Steemit. With Voice, Blurt and Zapata being launched on same day, it seems a high intensity attack. May be, they are unaware that their elder brother Hive has already done the job. And now they can stab at the dead body of Steemit to keep their promises.and take credit.

Howevere, Blurt and Zapata are very affectionate and of very loving nature. They don't use such violent language as Voice. They are taking a collaborative route. Their eyes are set on getting a pie of 46 billion social media revenue. Facebook itself has 2.45 billion monthly active users. So why keep fighting among a few thousand people in this space.

Yes, they got a point!

Honestly, I like their approach and attitude. Although they split and forked even before launching their fork, they deserve our support.

What we have to lose? Market is huge and we can all co-exist. So the onus of extending a little support for appreciating the value of the airdrop we receive, lies on us too.

What do you say, guys? 😉


I've grown to love Hive. I joined steemit a few years ago and had kinda lost interest. But when Hive was born, I got back into it. Excited to see how Voice compares.

Yes, I'm equally excited and curious to see Voice. But there is no match for Hive.

Thanks for the update, It is great to see so many new projects coming online.

We are at the experimental stage but having so many options is bound to start tapping into the present social media giants market. It might be slow but it will grow if we keep up our efforts.

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Yeah, there is no point unless we can tap into the existing centralized social media market. Let's see, where it gets to.

Yeah i'm moving to blurt cause they gave me coins!

Oh, you will need to move into every place since everyone of these (including Hive) is giving you free coins (except Voice) 🤑😀

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Nice update @xyzashu,

Upvoted and resteemed !

This is the first i'm hearing of Zapta It's definitely going to be an interesting 'independence day' with all these changes, but i can't complain if i'm going to get a few airdrops. Thankfully i started my powerdown a little late, and still had a good amount of SP on 5/20

Thanks for the info, & good luck with whichever platforms you end up using!

Zapata is airdropping to all Steem wallets as per your STEEM balance on the pre-HF-23 snapshot date on 20th May, 2020. Blurt is airdropping too to everyone except Steemit or Sun.

Well, let's see how this develops. The date of the 4th of July has not been chose lightly I believe hehe


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anyone has the discord or telegram for voice and zapata?

For Discord for Zapata, go here:

Dunno about Voice but perhaps you can ask here:

appreciate your help

Where do you see these airdrops or our wallets ?

For Zapata, you will probably get only CLI access initially.
For Blurt, the front end should be up at http://blurt.world/ 4th July onwards. Currently it's on testnet at http://test.blurt.world/

If you want to see the no. of airdrop tokens you are gonna get then you can download the snapshot file from gitlab.

And do we need to do something in order to get coins on Blurt and Zapata?

No, nothing. They will be in your account by default and you can access your wallet using the same Steem private keys.

Nice, do you know what would be the price of these coins?

Yes, but I won't tell you 😛

You can give me a hint ;)

So is there a time for the launch?

Blurt already launched.

Where do i go to see it? Thought it was by going to blurt.world . I’m confused 🤔

Well, no frontend is functional by now but the easiest way to know how much coins you got is by downloading the snapshot file from their gitlab. Hope that helps!

how about zapata? had it launched also?

It has been delayed but will launch soon

thanks for the info...i hope you will make some post about it too if by the time they launch.

what's the website for blurt? blurt.blog links to hive and blurt.world links to gitlab

also can you send me an up to date invite link to discord for zapata. cheers

Front end UI is not available as on today but one of these should be up by tomorrow.

Zapata is not offering any official UI and API. It's upto the users to make them available.

For Zapata discord, here you go:


Thanks for the response, discord link is invalid though


Sorry to hear that but I has set it to never expire. Dunno why it's not working for you. May be, you can take help from admins in Blurt discord.