Staking "Gold vs New Gold"

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Is it gold better than BITCOIN?
Well, I think the graph below is self explanatory. (Thanks to
If we had invested only 1 dollar in BITCOIN and a single dollar in gold 11 years ago, today we would have obtained a clear profit.
But the difference in profit between them is so overwhelming that it is almost dizzying.


Remember these phrases:

  • If you had invested 1 dollar in GOLD, you would have obtained $ 1.73 in eleven years
  • If you had invested 1 dollar in BITCOIN, you would have obtained $ 25,067,700.00

Unfortunately, I did not invest any dollar in GOLD or BTC 11 years ago...but I did first invest on BTC almost 4 years ago, and the comparison is still fantastic, with a 26 times higher profit.


Lately, I have read that many GOLD stakers are selling parts of their reserves to buy BITCOIN...

In my opinion, this is a wise decision.

Do you agree?





Lately, I have read that many GOLD stakers are selling parts of their reserves to buy BITCOIN...

they are probably doing that for years but not telling in the media about that.

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Why should they do it?

Eaxctly. They're not dumb.

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I mean why should they not tell it in the media?

Just to accumulate at lower prices with no buzz. Once the bags are loaded it's time to ramble about that and trigger fomo.

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I was just discussing this with my significant other. He's got gold, I got him on the Bitcoin train. He's considered selling all his gold to invest in BTC. My concern with that is, if a massive solar flare fucks up all our power grids, how will we access these bitcoin? Thoughts. Thanks for sharing this though. Really puts things into perspective.

Wow, that's concerning indeed, I guess that yes, in this case it is much better to have gold, but what is the likelihood of that to happen?

I have studied the flares for many years. Historically, we are due for another massive flare, but I know the grids have been reinforced. Hopefully reinforced enough....

Interesting, taking note

Also im not sure where you live but according to geological studies we are due at any time for a massive earthquake AKA the continental divide. It will essentially split N. America in half. I live in GA. Florida will mostly be underwater sending massive amounts of Floridians to GA and neighboring states. I think power would come back quicker than with a massive solar flare. Due to the quake I plan to move from Georgia soon. Mt St Helen's is due as well. Not trying to be a debbie downer I think we still do have time to make a killing with the bitcoin withdraw to fiat, buy gold or keep it in fiat. although if bitcoin banks emerge since bitcoin is getting ALOT of attention we could just use our BTC Visa. :D