Joining HIVE is still hard?

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I have been promoting HIVE in any social site I work with. Mostly on Twitter but also, and more in particular, on publish0X.
I have managed to onboard a few new accounts using my referral but only two have done "anything" on the HIVE Blockchain as posting or commenting.
Actually, I have delegated them with some Hive Power but even doing so I could not keep them around for the moment.
One of the new on-boarded accounts, that started just 4 days ago and named @eliakh , posted a nice article about crypto analysis for traders, which, as you know I like to read.
I have welcomed him and then we started a sort of interchange of comments on which he was expressing that HIVE seemed to be complicate for a newcomer.
He was asking the typical doubts about and I tried to guide him on the idea of HIVE POWER and Resource Credits.

Today I come back to publish0X in order to ask to the "audience" which difficulties they encountered while trying/using HIVE...

I am not interested on "political" o "Ideological" problems or doubts but more technical problems they found so I can help them.

That's why I wrote the following post there:


I think that we have improved a lot on the "onboarding" process but it looks to me that joining the HIVE Blockchain is still problematic for the "average Joe"

By the way, if you want to help me on HIVE promotion at Publish0x, would you mind to use my referral?




I have onboarded three and only one is still active on hive. That too is difficult for the user. It is tough to navigate new users unless they are extremely motivated. I am fairly new but I was determined and found communities where I could flourish. It all depends on users' personality type and the way they engage.

It is not as easy for people to comprehend the concept of keys and keychains. Logging-in in itself is a big deal for users. Then we have multiple frontends without hive logos in it and users don't even know where to go and which one to use. And, we have tribes. I am still confused about tribes other than leofinance 😇

I think we should create a kind of "MUST-READ" article before on-boarding anyone :-)

very good idea 😀

look at me, I'm still voting with 0 Hive Rewards!

well, try to engage and comment those posts you like. Post and power-up everything you can, build your power.
Your Voting power depends on your staked HIVE POWER.

have you read the FAQ?

I just voted your comment to help you gat some rewards. Namaste

Thanks for your efforts onboarding people. I think I only onboarded one, and that was my son-in-law, but he's not been active!

I did the same with a few members on my family 2 years ago, some still do something but not so much :-(

I have on boarded 5 and only two are active, Hive is a new ball game to the average Joe, lol by the way I'm Joe thankfully I'm not the average one. It will take a motivated one and being able to spot the opportunity for a new user to stay consistent.

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Excellent, Joe ;-)

Interesting read :)
Looking at newbies experiance. I think you need to be very motivated to understand it all, or have a close friend to guide you.

When you think abput it, when we started it was simpler, becouse there was no tribes and other dapps :) Only Steemit. We have evolved with it, but for newcommer it sure a lot.

I have published few times on Publish0x, with not a great success, and just forgot it. But it can be an interesting place for "fisshing".

I just started a Hi From Hive project to try and get Hivers to share their Hive experience, a bit like a testimonial for people to read for themselves. It gets pinned onto a map with people's locations and you can share that map with people when you want to tell them more about Hive. Perhaps that might help and maybe you can even post and share your own Hive experience?

Check it out to see if it helps.