Even though shit floats sometimes...

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Among the large number of altcoins that I hold for a long time, yes, some from before the previous BULL RUN, there are several that annoy me in my portfolio.
Not that I have many of them, almost all of them are remnants that have been left in my exchange Wallet as a result of better past times and that I have kept in the hope of seeing them flourish again.

However, I believe that it is time to "clean the wallet" of shit that possibly will continue to be like that in the future, regardless of whether they are timidly benefited by the inertia of a possible Altcoin season but, I believe that this time the altcoin season is going to prioritize the biggest altcoins and surely Mid and Low-cap coins that still have something to offer or whose proposal is innovative.


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That is why I sell, at reasonable losses some and with tiny gains in others, the following shitcoins for the moment:

PIVX: A shit that managed to do 32000% between March 2017 and February 2018 and that I bought in September of this year thinking it was a good price.


At this point it should show some vitality but it is not the case and I do not see the reason for its possible pumping either. Its market is saturated with supply. I sell it in profits but I reinvest everything in ETH since Binance still maintains the PIVX/ETH pair.

BITSHARES: + 24000% at the beginning of 2018.


It may have been the first DeFi Project in the history of Blockchain but, like other children of Dan Larimer, the lack of promotion and the frauds provided by OPENLEDGER closing very important pairs without prior notice and dumping the savings of many users (the OPEN.BTC/BTS case is the most scandalous of that ecosystem) caused a complete loss of trust on my part and for many users.
Here I close the position with a ridiculous profit too and it is possible that I have done wrong but, honestly, I AM BOTHERED TO SEE this coin in which I put so much hope being continuously squeezed with hardly any promotion or update, bye bye BTS.

GBYTE: Another good shit...

...received a few years ago for simply having a STEEM account... I have nothing to say about this shit... I am selling it to buy RUNE whose project it promises. Free money is always good.

BTT: The BitConnect shitcoin

Everything I have of this shitcoin has been airdropped to me in different exchanges... nothing to say, this is other shit that may or may not pump, and when it does, you have to be prepared to collect, so I don't even want to worry... everything to BTC.

I have a few more shitcoins like STORJ (similar to SIA or FILECOIN), however I am going to keep this one a little longer because I see "signs of intelligent life and enough potential although the product, TODAY, is complete shit too.


Maybe I am wrong not waiting for the altcoin season to see the complete crypto market pumping but, you know, now I can get something from those shitcoins and I don't have the certainty they would ever get a better price, even though shit floats sometimes...



Oh man, I just bought some PIVX at these prices. Too cheap imo, undervalued. I could be wrong, but they've been around a while, have good communication, and just released Shield 5.0, I only see an upside.

Also, at these prices, even if it hit the ATL, it's a small enough loss that I won't lose sleep. But if it goes bonanza, I'm taking a trip somewhere :)

Agreed on the others though, I also had some BTS and am disappointed in how poorly it has done overall.

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PIVX is a great coin but suffers of overselling IMO.
All the best with your investment!

I hear ya, I just attribute that to most of the alts taking a beating before this bull run. So far so good this morning, just hope it keeps goin ;)

Thanks man, you too!

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Bitshares had a lot of hype around it a few years ago on Steemit. You're right, some of them will simply won't perform this bull market. Better clean the wallet. I still believe that some shitcoins will perform pretty good this bull market as well.

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Everything will pump eventually...unless the marketing of some of them fails

Good reminder to get clean from dead and not growing projects. I think I have a lot of sh.tcoins bought from the time McAffe was pumping them. It brought me some good return at the start, till the bots ruined the pump and dump show.

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hahhaha! McAffe, poor devil

The number of times I read "shit" on your post, I feel shitty to be honest 😅 😇

Sorry, you are right...next time I will use more moderated words 😀

You are right, it is better to concentrate on more innovative altcoins

I do not know but I feel better now I'm cleaner :-)

Be ruthless!