CARDANO is really becoming very interesting...

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...lately under the trading point of view.
Major altcoins are moving strongly lately, it is the case of LITECOIN which has get an impressive 20% up in just a couple of days, but also CARDANO is presenting a nice and promising trading setup:


It is the typical inverted Head and Shoulders pattern with aprojected target profit of 23%.


Supporting the possible price action upwards there is the Open Interest accompanying the move:


In my opinion, this is super-bullish so I am IN right now.

  • First intermediate targer is 0.1249 USD
  • Second, the one projected by the pattern 0.13882


As usual a proper stop loss is always necessary, we have to think in advance.


I'm sharing only my quick trading Ideas here, not financial advice at all ;-)


*Disclaimer: This is just my personal point of view, please, do your own assessment and act consequently. Neither this post nor myself is responsible of any of your profit/losses obtained as a result of this information.



i also have a close eye on Cardano. Despite the chart technique, there is a lot of substance behind this coin - a dedicated professional team and a ambigious but detailed roadmap. Altseason will have much more substance this time...

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I hope so!!!

I'm very impressed by the team behind and what they have been developing. The fundamentals are strong. My real worry is the competition. EOS for an example had their billions of dollars to fund themselves.

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When I was first looking at investing in cryptocurrency Cardano was one of the top three that I was looking at. Eventually I ended up going with LTC, but I have always been impressed by Cardano. It is great to see them doing well even if I didn't invest in them.

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LTC is another MUST HAVE altcoin, in my opinion it will do well in the near future

I hope so! I am sitting lower than what I bought in at for most of it right now. I have some in Robinhood I bought at $77. If it can get up to $100 I will probably sell that bag.

Pump cardano hard!

Yes I have lots and hoping it goes nuts

I think I sold all my ADA a year ago and that I still hold some LTC...

Hold those LTC, they are going to pump hardly

Holding :)

Thank you for sharing! It looks one of the altcoins to have a rally later or sooner.
Also, another interesting aspect to consider with ADA is the Staking Strategy.

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Cardano is one of the very few projects that still have to deliver some on-going development. In my opinion, it is worth to have some, for sure.