115,212 USD by August

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This is what Pantera-Capital is predicting for the price of BITCOIN to top after the last halving, according to the historical data till now.


It is really interesting to read the article here but what really impressed me the most if this prediction finally happens is that the TOTAL CRYPTO MARKET CAP would need to be about more than three times the current one, so, more than 3 TRILLIONS $!!!

And that would mean that BITCOIN would have to be placed as the second, if not the first, ASSET on top of the Assets by Market Cap, side by side with APPLE and above AMAZON, MICROSOFT etc...


By the way, be prepared to read more comments and official statements from governments and world economic institutions trying to stop the growth of this market in the most desperate way possible.



In my opinion, DeFi and DEX are going to experiment further exponential growth if so.




Es curioso el nomnbre de "halving" para una accion que hace multipilicy de valor, de usuarios, empresas...

Al bicho ese que de verla mas de 3 segundos uno corre peligro se queme la retina, cada vez que la veo me recuerda la serie esta de los 80 V, pero no se porque la verdad... de lo que me acuerdo es de la mala que era una lagart y comia ratas...

I will be more than happy if we reach 100k and 3 Trillion market cap!

I'd be more than happy to see BTC as the no.1 asset in the world instead of these oligarch owned companies. In times such as the ones we currently live Bitcoin and crypto make more sense than we can imagine. Once they will manage to regulate them and be able to control them the value will fade away. Screw governments, they're all corrupt working against us people.

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I don't think they will be able to regulate peer-to-peer transactions but they are going to oblige exchanges to disclose users holdings. Fortunately, DEX and DeFi may help.
For the moment, the only we can do is to not disclose our personal dat and do not use services claiming KYC

Not cool. As long as we still need exchanges it's hard to see BTC as the wild horse...

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Just in case, as I see you ordered the Binance Card...I think you have to be level 2 verified and so means that you provided your ID card and some more data. It would be safe as long as BINANCE never disclose your Visa transactions with the government.

Unfortunately you can't order it otherwise. It's a plus over a regular bank account though because if I would simply cash out my crypto through a normal bank account from my country at some point the government might have access to such moves, but simply spending USDT all around via a VISA card seems a better option to avoid taxes. I don't know exactly how it will work out, but I'm trying it.

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Look, for me it is the best option we have on the market.
Another option would be to open a bank account in any Crypto friendly country in europe (Portugal for instance) and get a Debit Visa there 😋

Too complicated. I'll try this Binance one. There's also crypto.com but you have to us CRO, not any stablecoin and also monolith.

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Yes, Binance card is easier