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Sometimes could be boring, but you have to keep HODLING during the boring times.
It seems that my portfolio took a rest lately, there isn't any major movement except for a little green in Bitcoin.

I am still ready to pull the trigger if any opportunity arises. I bought some LEO Miners yesterday as I am excited about all the things that the Leofinance team is doing.

I am also expecting some other projects outside of HIVE to launch or make a move upwards. I really think this will happen, however I am not sure when.

If I have to bet I right now (everyday I change my opinion) I would say that the bull run will start in 2021, and it will be crazy. This 2020 we still have more surprises and I expect some crazy movements in both of the directions.


I found this random photo but I did not remember where. It fits perfectly how I feel today.

Last time we were on a boring time I made some movements and it wasn't the best decision. Overall I would have been better if I just HODLed and waited a little bit.

This time will be different and I would not move my bags. I will just buy more in some days!

Enjoy! 😊

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How are your Leo miners doing?

3-4 LEO per day... we will see how it end with the wLEO!

Hodling and waiting for a little bit always works for me, only that im not always patient enough. Thats something i need to work on. I bought more hive yesterday just before it dipped....oh well

Hive is for the long run, don't worry for this little dips!

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