🔥 I am ready to start mining KOINOS!

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When all the Steem drama happened I was really angry. I was bullish on Steem as a social blockchain, what they were trying to accomplish was really BIG and it was worth fighting for.

After the core developers of Steemit INC resigned I lost the faith on the project, after that Hive was born and a new beginning was possible. I wanted the core developers to be involved on that project but they were tired of it and wanted to start a whole new project.

This project is called KOINOS, and you can read more about it on the @andrarchy announcement post here.

There are some familiar faces on the team such as Andrarchy, Gerbino, Vandeberg and Theoretical. Their names speak for themselves and I want to be involved in the launch of the project.


For that reason I decided to launch their mining software on my computer.
I will be able to mine KOINOS starting on the 13th of October, tomorrow.

They made mining available for everybody, the requirements to mine this new ERC20 token are really low, anybody with a computer can start mining. They want to distribute the tokens as widely as possible to maximize decentralization.

The worst part of this is that KOINOS will be an ERC20 token for now and it will require some Ethereum to pay for the transaction fees associated with the mining.

I've sent some Ethereum to their address to be able to pay for my new mined KOINOS. I will get you informed about how the process of distribution and mining is going. I hope it is worth the effort!

Enjoy! 😊

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I'm ready to start it too! How much did you send if I can ask? And what is your proof of frequency?

I've sent 0,20 ETH to see how it goes.

Cool! Thank you for letting me know! I still have a bit more than 24 hours to send mine :)

Wow just in 10 seconds!

I don’t believe anyone anymore - dozens of projects are launched every day in order to get your money - when the time comes, they will leave you a buzz of money, only the developers make money - Bitcoin is the only liquid secure project !!!

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I can understand it. However I still have faith in humanity! 😉

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