🔥 How many satoshis are there per person in the world?

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Yesterday I found a funny website with a real time indicator of the number of satoshis per person that are currently available given a equal distribution.

The number yesterday was: 238,105.

The number today is: 238,089.

With a world population increasing faster than the Bitcoin supply, we can expect this number to go lower over time. In one day the World population increased by 1,300,000 while the Bitcoin supply increased in less than 1,000.

Here a capture of the calculator:


Bitcoin reclaiming $40K?

There are some crypto news websites that are starting to get nervous about the price action in Bitcoin. Some headlines are like the following:

Bitcoin Needs to Reclaim $40K Soon or Momentum Will Fade

There is nothing wrong in Bitcoin staying close to the $35K level for a while. In fact, this will serve as a future support if we manage to consolidate this levels.

I'm not sure if we still need some price action in Bitcoin to help Ethereum break the All Time Highs. It looks like Ethereum is trying to break it without success, in my opinion it is just a matter of time.

After this breakout, the bull run will officially start. I think that this will be the catalyst for altcoins to start approaching all time highs too. After this, the skies are clear, nobody know how high we can go, but we've been 2 years accumulating fuel for this moment.

It will be hard to not jump the ship with this amazing swings in price, the psychological part of the traders will be tested to its limits, I'm starting to feel it. I can't imagine how this will be if my portfolio does a x5.

Stay safe out there! 😊


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I wonder if there are metrics out there for Bitcoin distribution? Something like 90% of the worlds wealth is in the hands of 10% of the people. I wonder what those numbers look like for Bitcoin and how are those numbers changing over time. Is Bitcoin becoming more distributed or is it becoming less distributed? It would be nice if those metrics are published for every blockchain.

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There is this information is you research Active Wallets holding Bitcoin. In glassnode.com you can find this information. Also @taskmaster4450 have done some great analysis with this information.

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Bitcoin may become the world reserve currency making that “funny” website more relevant then ever. SAT’s will always be available but the cost may become out of reach for most.

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Better you stack sats while they are still cheap!

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