🔥 Ethereum will jump from ATH really hard. Why?

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There are a lot of eyes watching the movements of Ethereum right now. In 2017 when ETH began to rise above its highs the altcoins began to make incredible rises.

This time, I think the same thing will happen again. In my opinion, when Ethereum approaches $1,400 there is going to be no doubt that the altseason has started. And FOMO will start to spread everywhere.

If I have to make a price prediction for Ethereum I think that once it breaks $1,400 it will jump to 1,800$ in less than 24 hours. We will start to see really big candles in the charts.

I am a fan of memes, and today I found this one that made me laugh.

eth ath jump.jpg

It is very very good. I also find it very appropriate for the moments that we are currently living. This can happen at any moment, be prepared for that!

The best part of Ethereum taking the lead is that LEO, will follow. And I am sentimentally attached to this project. Really exciting things are coming, after 3 long years of bear market we all deserve some fun.


Easy, this is what happened last time that Ethereum broke All Time Highs:


Do you really need more information? Well, not me.

It is very clear that Ethereum will follow Bitcoin or even outperform it. In my honest opinion we will see exactly the same we saw for Bitcoin after breaking the $20,000.

This is not financial advise, obviously. But be ready for a Déjà vu.

Take care! 😊


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I see the possibility of 20k ETH during this bull run...

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