🔥 Dollar Cost Averaging with Bitcoin - Episode #5 - UP to +22%!

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I am sharing with you the results of the 5th straight week buying Bitcoin. I am Dollar Cost Averaging and accumulating sats, hopefully I will be able to accumulate a good amount before the massive bull run starts. We're almost at 30,000

The Plan

The plan is to make 100$-200$ purchases every weekend and keep stacking sats for the long term. This sats are not going to be spent, I am making a full commit on this.


The progress so far

I have been buying 200€ (euros not dollars) for five consecutive weeks. Eventhough now it is not the best time to be buying Bitcoin (we are trading at ATH) I still believe this strategy is the best approach if you want to HODL Bitcoin long term.


My goal is to not skip a single week, and keep buying through all the spikes and dips. The original plan was to start 1st of January but I finally decided that the best time to start was right now!

I still have to figure out the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin. I am paying a 1,5% that is starting to accumulate, I should take a decision about that soon.

The results. Second week in the green! +22% 💹

I am keeping an Excel sheet with all the details.
Here the actual results:


I am more than 22%% UP! 🚀And I have been buying at ATH every sunday, hours after my buy orders Bitcoin suffered a dip. But in the long run this strategy will give me good results, I am sure!

Keep stacking! 😊


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Lucky 🍀 you ! Do you sell any Cryptos to follow your BTC Plan ?

Nope! I am saving every single € I can from my paycheck and it goes straight to this plan. Feels good to see that this huge effort is paying off!

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So if you're not buying to take the little gains as it comes then it makes senses that you're buying for long-term right? I can't tell if buying makes sense but I do believe if you have a 10 years plan to hodl then it might.

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I am buying Bitcoin for the long term, Yes!

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You should check leverage tokens in binance, same strategy x2 benefits...

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Leveraged positions are too risky...
Maybe in the future!

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SELL!!!!!! ;-)

For that shitcoin called USD $?
Nah, not interested!

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