🔥 Crypto analyst says that it's the most important BTC breakout!

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One of my favorite twitter crypto analysts @crypto_birb posted a BTC chart that I found really interesting, History has been repeating itself almost identically since the last bull run. If we look at what happened to the price the last time we broke a resistance of this type, we can see that the rise in price becomes exponential.

Here the chart:


Do I think this time will happen the same?


Do I think we will see Bitcoin below 10,000$?


I think there will be another opportunity to buy Bitcoin below 10,000 $, but this time I am not going to wait for the DIP. I have been buying and I am expecting to buy more in the following weeks.

The altseason will begin as soon as Bitcoin breaks the ATH, and this time will be more wild than ever. We have been waiting for 3 long years to see this Bitcoin prices and momentum again.

The wait has been very long, however I want to accumulate more. In my mind there is a voice that says "You dont have enough" every time I see the Bitcoin price I want to ensure that I am 100% comfortable with my HODLings before everything blows up.

Take care! 😊

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There is always the question of how much does one acquire. When things explode, the tendency is for people to always want more. Then people kick themselves for not have bought more when the opportunity was there.

This is the case for many with LEO right now.

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Yes, I agree.
For that reason I bought 4k LEOM.
Hard to sell because there isn't a lot of liquidity, but also consistenly generating LEO for the long run. 😊

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Hard to argue against that mindset. If they are throwing off LEO to you, that is not a bad thing.

That could more than pay for the miners over time even if you never sell them.

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@tipu curate

Thanks buddy!

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This is pretty much exactly in line with what I wrote today. Although I think there is going to be a huge run up during the next two months with a crash back down to that $13k support/resistance line.

I don't think we'll get back to $10k ever.
The doubling curve is well above that.

Super interesting to see this very long term 7 year chart on a logarithmic scale.

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I found this chart really interesting to get some conclusions.
While I don't agree with:

I don't think we'll get back to $10k ever.
I will not be surprised if we never get back to that level.

There is plenty of fundamentals pushing for a higher Bitcoin price, is just a matter of "when".

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Really interesting chart.

I don't often look past the daily in my analysis, so thanks for sharing.

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Sometimes it is good to "zoom out" and see what the past can teach us!

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This is because we might not see the dip anytime soon. I kinda wanted to wait for the dip too but I made a wise decision to buy at 11.5k

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Congratulations for your move!
Now you can enjoy the profits ;)

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