🔥 Bitcoin history will repeat again!

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Bitcoin has been on my mind almost everyday since 2017. It sometimes feel like an obsession to check their price several times a day. I think that I forgot to check the price less than 10 days in 3 years.

As you can imagine, I have been following the price evolution really hard. And I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the next move will be.
From my point of view, I have witnessed the "third Bitcoin bubble", and like the other ones, they never explode completely.

It could seem easy to forecast the future of Bitcoin based on the past Bubbles, this time won't be different and we will see All Time Highs and exponential growth again at some point.


The price of Bitcoin is approaching the 12,000$ resistance. This is the 2019 Highest price and I think this will be really hard to break. If I have to bet I would say that we're going to see a correction in the following months.

But this correction is not the point of this article. The point of this article is that I truly believe that history will repeat itself again, Bitcoin is acting like the past. I have not been able to notice any change of behavior from the other Halvings.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words right? Take a look at this chart from one of the best twitter accounts @ChartsBtc:


Bitcoin price prediction

If we take a look at this chart and think that the orange line will be in the future between the grey and the green one:

  • The price will be over 200,000$ at some point in time.

Why is this important?

Because one of my favorite models, the STOCK TO FLOW MODEL, made by @100trillionUSD predicts an astonishing $288,000 Bitcoin price during the 2020/2024 period!

Coincidence? I don't think so. 😊


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I'm not really sure about the price prediction. But something is cooking up.

We all can feel it... right!
Keep building!

estoy posteando en hive desde hace tiempo pero he hecho Poco bitcoin, me recomiendas conectarme mas con Todo eso??

Desde mi humilde punto de vista creo que lo mejor es seguir posteando en HIVE (tiene un potencial immenso) y hacer pequeñas compras de Bitcoin cada setmana, 15 días o cada mes.

Hay que tener algo de Bitcoin...

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