🔥 Are people joining Hive/Leofinance again?

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In my last post I discussed the idea of Retail Money entering crypto again. The peak of retail money was at the 2017 peak when masses were FOMOing to enter this space.
With the recent increas in price of Bitcoin, the news are flooding again with thousands of articles, tweets and videos talking about cryptocurrency.

This inevitably will end in huge inflows of people to this space.

If you were wondering... HIVE included!


Last days I noticed an uncommon list of users that are starting to follow me. I know I make really good content 😉, that is severely undervalued but this surprised me.

7 people followed me in the last week, compared with just 2 people that followed me for the last 23 days of the month. Something is happening? Are people joining HIVE again?


Well, let's take a look at the best stats published by @penguinpablo.

Number of posts (including comments)

We can see that there is a peak in the number of posts for the last days, but not something really significant.


Daily number of users that are posting (Hive/Steem)

Here we can see that Steem has also have an increased number of users posting.
It seems that the decreasing trend is starting to change. This are good news!


New accounts created (Hive/Steem/LeoFinance)

I am not a big fan of this metric because users like @edicted are creating a bunch of accounts, but is something interesting to look too:


Small spike lately, we should see if this trend continues in the last days.

Now it is turn for Leofinance. I've made a quick chart with the new users. The data is from the Leofinance discord server, so it could not be correct.

You can see the spikes for the last days. Nice to see this growth.


Slowly but surely, thei are coming.

Be prepared.


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@edicted is the real retail for Hive :)
I wish I gain that many followers as you have.

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You are doing a good job engaging all over the place.
Followers will come when this gets flooded with people.

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And I hope we will see more and more people join Hive/Leo. It's the best way to grow.

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All the Leofinance team is working on that!
Focused on the growth of the platform.

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Hive will remain small despite the enormous boom in the crypto we experience right now.

Well, time will tell how big Hive and Leo can be.
I'm bullish.

@resiliencia, When Numbers changes Trend changes. Stay blessed.