From 0,5 to 4,5 million RBN - One season in Champion in Rabona

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I have been writing some posts about my journy in the soccer-manager game Rabona. So far I have been taking small step by step to the best league - This week I have been playing there. And one thing is for sure- The RBN is coming in !!! Will it be some money when the market goes live in januar?

0,5 Million last week in league 1...

One week ago I had about 0,5 million RBN and just won the league 1 so I knew I should go up to Champions league. I borrowed 1 million RBN from a player to level up my stadium because I have heard that champions leage have a lot more audience - I wanted the ticket money.

..step up to Champions
It was a scary movement when the first matches went off but it went out pretty good. With a nice advertise sponsor deal and a lot of ticket money the money started to come in. Well- I am not the best team in that league - more one of the worst.So I have been struggling to just hang on and be there one more season.
It is now only 3 matches left and I dont want to come "in red".

...4 million in a week
So I am not a big winning team - But anyway I have went from 0,5 to 4,5 million RBN. Thats i very good. So IF (fingers crossed I wish it will not happen) I go down to league 1 again I take with me a big bag of RBN to spent on players. So if I go down - I think I have good opportunity to go up again.

And the value?
Rabona is not an investment game. I know that. But the RBN will be able to trade in january so in some way some players will play to earn.
One person is selling about 250 000 RBN for 1 USD. So something like that maybe. But it is extremly hard to say a value yet. With no market - you have no real price.

I keep on stacking RBN. Some of them I send to my other account so bring it from negative balance to positive. One team rescue another...

Do you play? How is it going?


Hope you save your team from relegation.

I played another neutral season in the middle of the standing but, like you, I'm staking RBNs mainly thanks to the advertising contract.

I hope to reach league 1 before game's explosion and before we see RBN in the market.

As you said, having RBN in the market will attract a lot of new players, the majority only interested about earning money from the game. Also league 1 gives more visibility, more fans and so more earnings.

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I agree. But Hive has a lot of games - and not so extremly many users. But if Rabona can get bigger maybe it can explode. I know some people that playing Splinterlands - without knowing something about Hive.
So it is possible to reach outside this community too.

Yes I also play Splinterlands.
I think it's the first game allowing people to play without been registered in Hive.
Not all players will join Hive but I think some will do, better than nothing.

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Totally agree..
I think biggest problem of HIVE is extreme supply compared to demand. People can start in HIVE without investing, so why buy HIVE?.

We need more ways to burn HIVE or, at least, games in which you can only pay with HIVE. We need to give more value and use to HIVE.

Every game has its token so HIVE loses value as players prefer to buy the games' tokens, that are often cheaper.

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OH thanks a lot !

That's so big and I'm astonished with your growth. By the way, when have you started playing?

I was an early bird. So played from the beginning

That's awesome to hear!