Torum Announces The World’s First Initial Staking NFT Offering

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As Torum Ambassador I'm very proud to announce you the world's first Initial Staking NFT Offering Event, featuring 363 limited edition NFTs for sale.

At 9 p.m. (UTC +8) of 10th, May 2021, only 363 lucky participants can get their hands on the priceless NFTs as they come with a staking benefit.

NFT Utility - Staking
Each NFT issued under the ISNO comes with a permanent staking multiplier effect that increases the holders’ liquidity farming reward. Upon staking the NFTs on Torum’s DeFi platform: Torum Finance, NFT holders can multiply their liquidity provider stake and secure an upper advantage over ordinary liquidity farmers without ISNO NFT.

nft market.PNG

I'll do another article to explain you how to participate.
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