The Elements Of A Print Copy When Advertising.

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Newspaper ad copy is something that still sells despite the popularisation of the digitalisation of the media. Somehow newspapers still manages to sell and before one can run an advert either for their business or probably a non-comercial ad or a public service announcement, there's always a scripted arrangement of how an Ad copy should exactly look like in other to of course sell the product or idea through which an Ad is ran first place. running newspaper ads is of course more cheaper than running a radio or television ad and this is because television audience is certain, while a newspaper audience is quite uncertain. While the result of running an Ad on newspaper might take time to materialise sometimes television ads are always instant and spontaneous.

In Nigeria, I personally see newspaper advertising as inept and a waste of money but then for someone who wants to run a creative ad copy, having the right Headline is the first thing in the systematic arrangement. Now a headline can be anything that attracts the attention of anyone to a particular advert idea, it can be anywhere in a ad copy it doesn't necessarily need to be at the top. It's graphically enabled to talk about the purpose of an ad copy. A headline helps an ad copy to be precise, sometimes an Ad designer knows that a newspaper contains a lot of other ads and a particular creator needs to be unique to capture the attention of an audience viewing an Ad and standing out, headlines can provide information to an Ad, it can pique the interest of an audience, it can ask questions or even make a viewer curious

This is where the sub-head of the ad copy comes in. A sub head now gives more information to what a headline is trying to sell. If a headline has successfully attracted the attention of a viewer then it's imperative the following elements of an Ad copy will convince a viewer as to why they need to buy into the idea or service which an ad copy is trying to sell. Now a sub-head isn't necessary to appear in a newspaper ad copy especially if the headline sells the concept of the service that's offered by an add. Next we have the body text; the body text might vary especially if the space bought in a newspaper is quite huge, the body text is a collection of written text that might convey things like product concept, product ideals especially in bullet points or other kind of graphic design, body texts might or might not matter. It depends on a product or service.

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Next we have product illustration or image now product illustration is a graphics image that sells the concept of a product. For example a company that manufactures detergent might decide to graphically illustrate the variety of product they're producing and because people are attracted by what they see, it's even more better and necessary for an ad copy to have product illustration. Most companies in Nigeria often add product or image illustration when they're advertising in the newspaper unless a few organisations or companies that offers abstract services. Then there's the addition of logo and slogan . A slogan is a specific word or group of words or phrases that helps an company create a unique recognisable brand entity when advertising, a slogan is important because it's more of public relations than advertising. A logo as well goes with slogan. A logo is a graphics image that's used by an organisation to create an identity for themselves.

We have the address and the pricing too while pricing might not really be important, addressing is compulsory because this is how a potential customer can Make contact with an organisation or company and without this then an Ad copy isn't complete and wouldn't fulfil its primary purpose communicating in other to make people buy. Since advertising is a paid form of communication by an identified sponsor, the main aim is to make profit and hence address to contact the identified sponsor must be present. We must understand that all the element of print copy isn't compulsory when systematically putting it in order so it can look harmonius in a newspaper. A product sometimes determine how an Ad copy would look like.

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