ETH at -9.2% drop within the last 24 hours

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ETH is currently trading at $528.73 at the time of writing this post; Coingecko


After peaking at $601 within the last 24 hours, you would expect it holds above $600 and work its way towards $700 as ETH 2.0 nears, waking up to the current price is just a bit unexpected to me but I do think a bounce back is possible, we most probably might see ETH working its way back up sooner.
I am looking forward to lots of dip and rise like this, so as to take advantage. Now I am hopeful it reaches $620 for some profit taking.


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With all that's going on with Ethereum, am looking at a ten thousand plus price. It's hard to HODL for a few years but if you do,you will definitely reap good rewards :}

10k plus will create another set of millionaires you know provided you HODLing some bags of ETH

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