Daim launches Bitcoin retirement 401(k) plan | HIVE, a retirement plan from the onset

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During the last few years, investors have been able to leverage a digital currency retirement plan in the form of an IRA. For instance, the company Bitcoinira helps people invest in cryptocurrencies like BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC with the firm’s cryptocurrency-focused retirement funds. On Thursday, November 19, 2020, the Newport Beach California-based company Digital Asset Investment Management (Daim) revealed an ERISA compliant employer-sponsored bitcoin 401(k) plan that involves an allocation of BTC.

With inflation eating up the fiat saving and getting almost nothing for it after years of savings for retirement, saving in fiat becomes not the best option if one is to at least maintain purchasing power let alone get some profit off saving in fiat.

So this is where I see cryptocurrency comes in, with Bitcoin's continuous growth in value, it is an option to look at when saving towards retirement.
And personally for me this is where HIVE comes in, I have always look at HIVE as a way to save towards retirement as buying the token and earning for activities on the blockchain.

Is it possible having HIVE as one's retirement plan? I really do think so, it is left for us all on here to make it work, if we can get HIVE above $1 mark, we will begin to really appreciate and see the power of HIVE.
I really hope one day soon we are all able to live off HIVE just from activities we put in on the blockchain from games, blogs, vlogs etc.

We do have a retirement plan right before us, we just have to work it.

We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

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oh...such thing also exists :)

Quite a number of it exist these days

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