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While freelancing has been around for quite some time, we might see growth in freelancing due to the impact of Covid as lockdown measures continue to impact the economy negatively and job losses on the rise.

Getting the right freelance jobs doesn't come easy either, personally I haven't been able to land myself one from the fee sites I have applied to in the past. Though I have not put much effort into really landing myself a first freelance job.

So when freelance goes crypto, it becomes great and easy payment is deployed eliminating the banks with there charges.

There are many different platforms in the cryptocurrency space that seem to go by unnoticed. Whether it is for trading or finding job opportunities, all options need to be kept open. Today, we highlight TimeX and LaborX, two projects that have significant potential.

Laborx on visiting the site looks fairly like any freelance platform, I will no doubt be creating an account to explore the opportunity there.

Timex happens claims to be a plasma-based hybrid crypto exchange for speed and privacy in selling Bitcoin safely.

I am more keen on the Laborx, which I will be checking out soon getting paid in crypto for freelancing is a cool one.


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@joetunex, In my opinion in near future Freelance Services can enter into Cryptocurrency Space because without any doubt Cryptocurrency Space is ready to dominate. Stay blessed.

I think so too, it just makes payment easier and for those that wants to keep there money in crypto and no convert to fiat will be happier with these opportunities.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will check them out. Landing a gig isn't easy but one has to try and update their skill-set to fancy their chances

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You are welcome bro, you are absolutely right if it will take skill updating to get some freelance jobs, so be it as it contributes to self-growth.

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Hello dear friend @joetunex good afternoon
I believe that this will soon begin, without a doubt, this disease that haunts us will be with us for a while and that will lead employers to think about distant jobs. I also believe that Laborx can be the platform for the nexus between customer and service provider. Success dear friend
have a prosperous week

Most things are not going to be the same again employment is just one of them. A prosperous week to you as well my friend.

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Laborx looks like I haven't checked the other website but I might create an account to that soon.

I tried setting up a seller account in Fiverr and I never had any gig nor any message yet. It is quite hard on landing one, as the market's quite saturated.

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I have just created a Laborx account few hours ago, still setting up my profile, I can say the same for not sure if I still remember my password.


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