Bitcoin Too Expensive, Likely To Have SAT Pairs Soon?

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Wanting to accumulate Bitcoin and looking at the cost of a BTC is often a discouragement for many especially if you are looking at a whole Bitcoin perspective without giving its fragmental until Satoshi consideration.

1 SAT currently trades at $0.0005716 according to CoinMarketCap take 1 SAT and equate it to Nigeria's Naira and we will be getting
$0.22, Sudanese Pounds at $0.23 to the SAT, Chilean Peso claims $0.40 for 1 SAT, there's probably worse debased fiat compare to the fiat from this nations.

Equating a SAT to these fiats gives me the encouragement of ignoring BTC to keep accumulating SATs, often times we hunt for those shit coins at the price of 1 SAT, I think an advice to myself is to start accumulating those SATs. Maybe we didn't miss the BTC boat after all, imagine a SAT at a dollar which is very likely.

So are going to start having fiat pairs on exchanges soon like Mike Novogratz tweeted? Hopefully soon, we could be having small time accumulators of SATs on a very large scale.

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I am with you on this,
BTC is too expensive, lets accumulate the smallest unit of BTC - Satoshi, As the price of BTC increases so is SAT's price. And the good part id that this is affordable. I am accumulating as much as i can no before this is out of my reach too.

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SATs should give us the motivation to accumulate BTC, looking at it that way is fun and less pressure on missing out on BTC.

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