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RE: Even though shit floats sometimes...

in HODL3 months ago

Oh man, I just bought some PIVX at these prices. Too cheap imo, undervalued. I could be wrong, but they've been around a while, have good communication, and just released Shield 5.0, I only see an upside.

Also, at these prices, even if it hit the ATL, it's a small enough loss that I won't lose sleep. But if it goes bonanza, I'm taking a trip somewhere :)

Agreed on the others though, I also had some BTS and am disappointed in how poorly it has done overall.

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PIVX is a great coin but suffers of overselling IMO.
All the best with your investment!

I hear ya, I just attribute that to most of the alts taking a beating before this bull run. So far so good this morning, just hope it keeps goin ;)

Thanks man, you too!

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